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How Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions Are Helping Baltimore Communities

Recognized for his career as an entrepreneur and financial manager, Kevin Seawright’s long history of success is easy to spot. He’s worked as an administrative strategist as well. Today, he’s the founder and vice president of RPS Solutions, LLC, an asset acquisition and management company. What many don’t recognize is the work he’s doing to support and change Baltimore communities.

Who Is Kevin Seawright?

Growing up in Philadelphia and attending Almeda University, Seawright would go on to attend Mendoza College of Business for Non-Profit Leadership, a school a part of the University of Notre Dame. In 2006, he graduated from Almeda University, holding a Master of Business Administration degree.

In Washington, DC, and Newark, New Jersey, Seawright  took on numerous roles. Including time with the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. His work there helped support the development of senior living communities. He also aided in extensions to Rutgers University. He worked to put in place a youth summer employment opportunity where he acted as a youth mentor through numerous assistance programs created during those years.

Seawright’s past also includes serving as the VP Deputy Chief Operating Officer for a public school district. There, he used his public accounting skills to manage some $50 million in funding from the city, state, and federal organizations. Seawright managed to reduce the agency’s budget deficit by $600,000 in his time in that position in a single year. That work was easily recognized as valuable. It also led to the awarding of the Innovative and Leadership Talent Award from the city in 2004. This, too, demonstrates his compassion and dedication to building strong communities.

The Founding of RPS Solutions LLC

Long passionate about helping to support communities, Seawright worked to establish RPS Solutions LLC in 2015. The organization’s goal was to help provide affordable housing within the community. It also focused on helping people to achieve financial independence through implementing accessible investing.

Seawright built the company around well-qualified professionals who were just as passionate as he was about supporting first-time homebuyers and guiding them through the process of real estate investment. A big part of the organization was not just to secure loans but also to help educate people within the community on real estate investing benefits. The goal was simple — it would help individuals and families gain access to financial health, creating opportunities for long-term financial security. That security doesn’t just focus on a single family but often for generations to come.

Seawright and RPS Solutions have helped to encourage the support of the development of communities in areas he has served, including in Baltimore. Intending to provide financial security to communities, he also worked to encourage the development of affordable but high-quality housing within those areas.

Through RPS Solutions, he worked to make homeownership a possibility for many first-time homebuyers who had limited income. These Baltimore residents would not have had the ability to purchase a home or create financial freedom for themselves without the resources and support provided by RPS Solutions.

The company worked to create affordable homes for these buyers by purchasing and renovating homes throughout the city of Baltimore and in surrounding areas. The company works alongside organizations such as the National Community Stabilization Trust. In doing so, they can help people who want to become homeowners to do so.

Take a Look at RPS Solutions Success

In 2019, the company worked closely to support numerous people. That includes new homeowners who were able to purchase a three-bedroom, three-bathroom home in Baltimore. The property closed for under the property’s appraisal price, meaning that the new homeowners were able to have immediate equity in that property.

Later that year, the company helped with the sale of two homes, one in Columbia, Maryland, and the other in the heart of Baltimore. The homes, one a beautiful property built in 1956 as a traditional colonial townhome and the other a brick townhouse with modern upgrades, provided an opportunity for people to find an opportunity to build financial stability.

In that same year, RPS Solutions worked to help support a woman and her son in the purchase of a home in the neighborhood of Hillendale. It was a crowning moment for the efforts of RPS Solutions. In a press release in 2020, he noted this accomplishment stating the visitation of the organization is “striving to create a more diverse society where homeownership is achieved, communities are healthy, and all people can develop their full potential. We believe that affordable housing and supportive programs improve the economic status of residents, transform neighborhoods and stabilize lives.”

This opportunity for that family is one of the most significant ways RPS Solutions has worked to help the community of Baltimore directly. It’s clear that this is the goal from just reading the company’s vision statement, which states their mission is: “To create stable, vibrant, and healthy communities by developing and creating affordable, custom-enriched housing for families, seniors, and people with special needs who lack the resource to access quality, custom house opportunities.”

The company does more than just help increase homeownership in economically distressed areas of the city. It also works to provide property acquisition, project management, and government contracting services that also indirectly help to support the community as a whole.

Exploring More of What RPS Solutions Has to Offer

The idea of building a company like this does not come from a focus on profit. Rather, having grown up in Philadelphia, Seawright sees the opportunity as one to give back and facilitate change within communities like that area. In an interview, Seawright makes the following statement about where this idea came from, stating, “As I gained expertise in managing finances for a variety of different businesses and organizations (governments, educational institutions, etc.), I came to realize what I had observed throughout my early life — paying a landlord rent for your whole life — does not aid in financial stability and is leaving a great investment opportunity on the table. Putting your money to work in real estate is one of the smartest investment moves you can make.”

His goal was simply to make that possible for more people. With a lack of available resources to help people do just that, he set out to create a solution that would help bridge the gap between financial stability and access to funding to make it possible.

Today, Seawright’s efforts to help support men and women in economically distressed communities in Baltimore are working to support a change in the city itself. Those people who live in these communities love them and want to remain there. By providing them with the financial means to not just pay rent but to buy a home that one day they will own outright is helping to change the future and trajectory of their lifetime. These opportunities are few and far between for many in Baltimore today.