Learn More About Hard Chrome Plating

It looks shiny, sturdy, and attractive. That’s what you go for when you are at the store. However, do you know what goes into the process of making it look great? Hard chromium plating is the word you are looking for. This is typically an industrial process that’s applied to ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The main aim is to increase the material’s resistance to abrasion and wear and tear, reduce friction, prevent galling and seizing, and many more. What this means is that your material is going to last longer under severe conditions.
How is Hard Chrome Plating Done?
The chrome plating process is complex and engaging, but in simple terms, it is applying a coat on metal using chromium. Scientifically, it can be referred to as an electrolysis process of depositing chromium to metal to offer it enhanced durability and resistance to wear and tear. What happens in the process? An electric current pulls the dissolved metallic chromium out of the bath and deposits it to the substrate’s surface. The substrate is your metal product. In the electrolysis process, you can determine the thickness of the chromium deposit via regulation of the current flow and bath chemistry. If it’s hard chromium plating, it means that the metal coat applied is heavier than decorative chromium plating. This is a heavy coating, and its thickness is large enough to be measured. This means it will not break when a hardness test is conducted on it. Can you do a DIY? Of course; however, you have to possess the right tools and skills to achieve the desired results.
How Long Does Hard Chrome Plating Go For?
It all comes down to several factors in the plating process: the substrate preparation and care method, the plating solution, and the thickness of the chromium layer. Whatever plating parameters that you choose, the durability will depend on them. Choose your prerequisites carefully. So how do these variables affect the quality of the hard chrome?

  • Preparation: The plating needs to go through the right pre-plating solution. This will involve alkaline cleaning, soak cleaners and reverse-current cleaners.
  • Solution: It is integral that you possess the perfect solution concentration. Ascertain that it doesn’t possess impurities; this can lower the corrosion protection. Something else very important is that needs to be at the best temperature level.
  • Thickness: Your hard-chrome plated material will last longer if it has a smooth finish.

When hard chrome plating is conducted based on industrial standards, then it can last for very many years.
Where is Chrome Plating Used?
Although you don’t realize it, you are using a lot of products that have been hard chrome plated. After all, how would they endure all those years of wear and tear? Many industrial manufacturers desire to ascertain that their products are resistant to the degrading properties of the environment where they get installed for as long as they can. If you utilize a bolt that starts to give in ten years after use, that’s definitely some great service, wouldn’t you agree? Such is the aim of hard chrome plating; it offers you a product that will last for a very long time. The technology is used in a wide range of products for both domestic and industrial uses. These can be:

  • Automobile components
  • Mining and agriculture equipment
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Press punches and tooling

These are just some examples of the conventional products that utilize hard chrome plating. Considering abrasion is the most common process of destruction in many industries, hard chrome plating is of great help. It is commonly used in areas where people are more interested in corrosion resistant material. It is also ideal in processes where there need to be low-surfaces for delicate products.
Hard Chrome Plating is Great for Appearance
Other than the practical utilization of hard chrome plating in usability, it offers a great, shining and appealing finish. This makes it very suitable for those components that are going to be visible. You can get a smoother finish via grinding and polishing.
It is easy to comprehend why many types of machinery, automobile, and industrial equipment manufacturers are going for hard chrome plating for their products. It is the surest way that you can know that the components or machinery you possess will last for a long time.