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Clover Station vs. Square Register (Why Clover is the Better Choice)

Anyone in the retail business, regardless of the product they are offering, and a physical store almost mandated an efficient point of sale system. Point of sale systems is used for several integral functions of a business. And modern systems even provide features for the streamlining of business processes. 

There are multiple players in the point of sales systems, but if someone does even the most basic research on the subject, they will be quick to find out that both Clover and Square are neck to neck in the market and are the most popular POS system providers. The two are giants in the industry and are very certainly in rivalry with each other. Both companies provide a plethora of features with top of the line design and feasible and efficient hardware options that can quickly adapt to the businesses they are bought for. It is doubtful that you can go the wrong way even if you purchased any of them without proper comparison. But once you compare them, you will find that they are very different in the features and services they provide. This article will compare the Clover Station and the Square Register, both of which are the company’s most feature-rich options. This will allow you to make the best decision regarding the POS system that you need.

Clover Station

Clover station is a full-feature model of the Clover POS systems that is a great Square alternative. The Clover Station is a full-fledged system that can handle even the tedious transactions of a large business or a restaurant chain that needs to provide all sorts of services. The Clover Station features a large 14-inch display panel coupled with a printer for receipts, cash till, and a very sleek and simplistic interface that is easy to get accustomed to. With the Clover Station functions, you can easily make complete floor plans for restaurant employees and use the wide variety of back-end features to support the operations of the business to run most efficiently. It comes in two options, one for any business and the other for a full-service restaurant. A complete Clover Station POS system will cost you about $1199-$1149 based on the type you choose for your business or retail needs. The version of Clover Station based on restaurants comes pre-equipped with a standard receipt printer, while the higher-end version has an NFC-enabled printer with a screen that faces the customer. With all the fantastic features that the Clover Station has to offer, It can be molded to exactly fit the needs of any business that needs a specific POS system to cater to its needs.

Square register

This device has also been called the “Square Point of Sale.” This is a POS hardware device made by the company Square to perform as a complete sales terminal for businesses. Initially, the Square Register was just the I-pad based device offered by the Square Company. But in October 2017, the company released a specialized device that was able to perform EMV based transactions for debit and credit cards, creating a separate category for the Square Register. The Square Register uses cloud-based technology to undergo its functions and can be used as an all-in-one terminal to process card-based and other business transactions. Square provides peripheral equipment that the merchant can buy separately to make the Square Register as specific as possible to any business.

The Square Register can be bought for $999 or can be financed using a method by which the merchant has to pay in a long time, finally paying for the device altogether. The Square terminal, in any case, always has to be paid for in full. Using the Square Register, the merchants are bound to use Square as their payment processor.


As previously mentioned, the Clover Station consists of all the POS needs of a business full of all the needed hardware attached to it. The Clover Station cost is $1199 to $1149 based on the type of Clover Station that is bought. There is an additional fee of $29.95 per month for Clover’s services to the merchants. The payment processing fees of Clover can be variable based on the payment processor that the merchants choose to work with. 

The Square Register, however, comes only with an EMV based card reading device attached to it. Using the Square Register, the merchant is bound to use the services of Square to perform their transactions. The rates of Square are fixed as they charge 2.6% plus $0.1 for each transaction that occurs through their POS system. Also, accessories such as a cash drawer, a barcode scanner, and a receipt printer are peripheral hardware that needs to be bought separately. To have a complete system with all the required hardware for all sorts of transactions, the additional costs sum up to $547. Furthermore, Square charges an additional $229 per month for its software services as it is a cloud-based transaction system. 

Comparison of Services

Square limits their clients to suing only their services and their payment processing. This does not leave room for versatility in the process of payments. On the other hand, Clover gives an open end to merchants to choose the payment processor of their liking.

Square is notorious for lousy customer care with a limited time frame to avail it. Also, Square is known to have a loophole in its contract process, allowing it to freeze any suspicious transaction without even notifying the merchant. And once someone is stuck with a frozen payment, Square has not been known to help out their merchants very readily. 

On the other hand, the Clover Station has not had such an issue of freezing payments and has a very easy to use interface. The software adaptability and features of Clover far outweigh that of the Square Station. Furthermore, Clover’s customer care is open-ended. The payment processors that the merchants choose for themselves are responsible for the customer care. Therefore, upon choosing the right merchant service provider, Clover Station comes with immaculate customer service 24/7. With all the facts in front of you, it will be easy for you to decide which POS system best suits your needs.