Resident Evil 2 Remake – A Classic Scary-survival Saga All Set to Dazzle You

As soon as I heard about the release date of Resident Evil 2 remake, I have been impatiently waiting ever since. Introduced on 25th January 2019, this single-player survival horror classic is created by Capcom R&D Division 1 to wow the ardent fans of the series. The title offers a number of exciting features that remind me of the intense gameplay dynamics of the very first Resident Evil and the last, RE 7. It is a remake of the 1998 Resident Evil 2 allowing PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One users to embark on a thrilling journey they never have experienced before.
The new game plot features college student Claire Redfield and rookie police officer, Leon S. Kennedy. They make brazen attempts to escape from the beleaguering state of city Racoon amidst a zombie apocalypse. I was instantly smitten by the snazzy graphics, developer Masatoshi Fukazawa’s brilliant gaming dynamics and designer HidehiroGoda’s aesthetics & presentation that gave the term ‘survival horror’ a whole new meaning. The developers released first Resident Evil 2 in 1998 for PlayStation gamers. I feel elated to see the stark resemblance and the diligence put in by Capcom to remain faithful to the original.
Having seen the trailer and gameplay footage released by the developers in the promotional event of the game at E3 2018, I eagerly waited for the remake to dazzle me with its real-life semblance & spooky gameplay features. Some of the new aspects I noted were the parts probably added by the makers to make the title more realistic. We get more horror over action compared to the earlier installment and character customization. Check Leon with huge shoulder pads. By using the RE engine, the developers made an impressive effort to bring more ingenuity to the storyline. They added creative spooky sequences, focusing on lighting, smoke & room layout and stepped up the visual effects to overcome the low-polygon feel of the original.
With the same engine used for the creation of Resident Evil 7, the remake takes on a more modernized approach to keep you hooked on to your screens. With zombies looking scarier and intimidating, sequences packing adrenaline-pumping action adventure, and the main characters built to take the game to a whole new level, this is a ride you don’t want to miss. I found the sound design a lot better than the earlier games. The developers have used a new camera system with fixed angles, so the sound does not generate from a single source. You will love the new sound effects, weapon smashes and zombie shrieks in this horror-fantasy saga.
The makers have designed the characters, Leon & Claire, to introduce new features that fans will surely love. I for one instantly noticed that the attributes of the models have been directly roped in from real people. Claire Redfield is inspired by the model Jordan McEwen; Leon S. Kennedy by the model Eduard Badaluta; and Marvin Branagh’s character takes a lot of its features from the music producer Patrick Levar. With my PlayStation 4 Pro, the game made me feel like I was part of the gory game world, actually a resident of Racoon city. Since the title offers enhancements for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X with support for the 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, the playing experience was fabulous, especially with the upscale graphics and sound effects.
Having played the 30-minute mini-version known as the 1-Shot Demo launched by Capcom on January 11, 2019, and thoroughly enjoying it, I couldn’t wait to try out the first sequence, the opening part of Resident Evil 2. This full-fledged reprisal of the original had me pining for replays as I played through, the experience toggling between exciting and pleasingly terrifying at times.

What’s Good & Bad
To sum up the pros for you, I would say the game is a brilliant take on larger than life survival horror & action play that is terrifying and intense. There are amazing action sequences, two awesome play modes, gritty challenges along the journey, a cool repository of heavy and responsive artillery, two nerve-jolting campaigns, a smashing single-player mode, cool resources &unlockables, and great character customization. Priced at £39.99, the title packs a solid punch when it comes to addictive play. There is, of course, a hint of rub in the title, especially when we see the short gameplay and slightly gloomy aura of the game world. While it is thrilling to fight zombies, slay scary monsters and make your way out of the spooky Racoon city, the entire grim landscape & terrifying backdrop tends to take a toll on you. It turns into a claustrophobic feel that may have you experiencing melancholy if you are too timid. The exciting plot could be a bit lengthier. With a title so engaging, I feel the more are the action-packed sequences & twists, the more piquant could be the overall impact. With a short plot and more focus on zombies, characters and challenging missions, we see very little of the Racoon city, its stunning landscape, and the residents that make it so intriguing.
The Resident Evil 2 Remake is a modish take on survival horror, based on the picturesque Racoon city backdrop. It features the municipal Police Station, now controlled by monsters and Zombies. Having once been a lively city inhabited by human civilization, the place is now a scary tale of terror-invoking zombies & evil creatures that are ready to pounce on you. The famous protagonists (key characters) include college student Claire Redfield and rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy (as highlighted earlier), who set foot in the city, seeking answers. The ordeal has them embroiled in a gruel mission to take down these evil monsters, debunk the subtleties, and escape from the terrifying city masked by a gloomy aura and spooky vibes. Your objective is to take the role of either of these and help slay zombies while collecting useful resources, taking on challenging missions and moving up higher levels as you journey across the game map. Capcom’s series has always been successful with gamers taking an instant liking to the impressive bout of creative features infused by the developers. The Resident Evil 2 remake is no different. I think the game plot is refreshingly adventurous giving a zap of spooky action & thrills. It gets you instantly hooked, and you might just get completely addicted to this gamer’s delight.
Game Features
Developers recreated RE 2 to uplift the magic of the original classic. With the game boasting the finest survival-horror experiences you would ever come across, I say George Romero’s famous evil residents from 1998 are still a force to reckon with. In the single-player mode, you get two unlockable versions – the 4th Survivor and Tofu Survivor giving you the option of selecting between the two exciting campaigns. While one features Claire and the adventures that follow, the other is all about Leon and the thrilling zombie-combat ride that will have you eventually fleeing the city at the end if you win. Although both campaigns have their own specific set of challenges, twists in storyline and puzzles along the way, both follow the same gameplay dynamics. With each mission, the anticipation, thrills and tense feelers keep mounting as you unleash powerful gunplay at your disposal to gain a competitive edge over evil. Despite the fact, there are repetitive moments within the gameplay and the narrative gets a bit monotonous, I feel the overall playing experience is rather indulging and fascinating with the fast pace of the horror saga & shrieking zombies lurking around.
As soon as the starting sequence rolls into play, you are hit by the rugged landscape marred by pitch-black darkness, silence and the looming threat of evil ready to take a dig at you. You must be vigilant and adroit, otherwise, a zombie might just ambush right out of the wood and claim victory. You get an impressive repository of resources and weapons like pistols, shotguns, and grenades. You can use these to protect yourself, as you plan your escape from Rangoon city. You will need strength, health, and power-ups, as you move up higher levels in the game. You will definitely need to step up your health and maintain your energy levels to have enough power to fight zombies and make your way out. Whether you are the young, callow Leon Kennedy who is a bit intimidated by the entire facade or the much prehensile Claire Redfield who is more formidable, brave and sagacious, you are sure to love every moment of the nail-biting zombie-attack and thrill action sequences. You need to keep a check on what Umbrella Corporation plans next and what are its objectives. Is it using evil to get its way in Rangoon city? What is the secretive firm up to? Be on the ball about threats from this end while engaged in heated combats with the monsters that have turned a peaceful serenity hub into a terrifying horror-shack.
You will certainly come across other popular characters from earlier versions of the game including the much notorious Umbrella Corporation. There are also places that you will stumble across and enjoy exploring. These include the Umbrella NEST Labs, the Raccoon City Police Department, the dark sewers & zombie hideouts. All these have been roped in from the original, however, morphed into a more neo-classic design for modernization of the remake. It was pure joy for me to unravel these across the way and notice the ingenuity fused with the original game attributes to deliver an indelible experience.
The dark, menacing zombies and monsters are another feature that grabbed my attention the moment I set foot inside the city. Crafted using the dynamic gore system, they are nightmarish creatures that will stop at nothing to get their hands on you. With their terrifying demeanor and sharp combat tactics & bullet-walkthrough abilities, these are the same ferocious monsters from 1998. They will haunt you if you are not fast enough to topple them over & kill them. They will not stop at anything; even tear off a limb, body parts, and the skin while the gore system does its best to make them look more spooky and deathly. If you thought these rinky-dink zombies are just another bale of hay that will serve as weapon fodder, then you need to play this remake. These unpredictable Zombies impress with the terror big time! Shoot at them or set an entire flank of these things on fire. It is pure ecstasy.
There are safe rooms within the city that you can use as hideouts to keep the monsters at bay. Use the time to rethink your battling strategy. Make sure you remember vital locations and their layouts, so you do not lose around the place, ready to be devoured by evil creatures. Collect as much ammunition as you can. However, there will be moments when you will be asking yourself, should I run to grab a box of collectibles with monsters scattered around it or should I wait in this safe room? You will need to be quick-witted and alert to make such decisions in seconds to reach higher levels. The better you perform, the higher are your chances of unlocking cool power-ups and ammunition. You need it to strengthen your character. Resident Evil 2 Remake offers you plenty of such moments. With the two unlockable modes, you will have great time slaying monsters in two different scenarios. While the 4th Survivor Challenge is definitely addictive with intense action moments that test your survival abilities & combat prowess, I’d recommend going for the Tofu Challenge where you’re walking on a tofu-featured battleground with only a single weapon in hand.
There are exciting puzzles, twists and other rooms that are unlocked once you have finished your campaign. You will need to use intuition and these rewards to unravel the true ending. Nevertheless, with adventurous, spine-chilling gameplay, this is no easy feat. With an exciting slew of thrilling modes, awesome horror-based gameplay dynamics, battling sequences and exciting collectibles, this Resident Evil 2 Remake is all set to climb up the popularity charts. Are you ready for the challenge?