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3 Laid Back Internet Marketing Tips for More Casual Business Owners

As business owners, we’re often bombarded with more marketing advice than we could possibly handle or implement.

Meanwhile, we’re constantly being sold quick fixes and one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t actually work. The problem with this endless stream of advice is that it often falls into one of the three following buckets:

  • It’s not actionable, scalable or realistic (think: asking a brick-and-mortar business owner to write a 1,000-word blog post every day)
  • It’s not cost-effective in terms of time versus money (similarly, many marketing strategies via social media can be incredibly time-consuming with little or no ROI)
  • It’s not actually tested or proven to work: sure, it’s easy to claim that a marketing channel is effective, but where’s the proof?

As such, the casual business owner that can only afford to dedicate a fraction of their time to Internet marketing is left in the dust.

Thankfully, there are effective strategies for more laid back marketers. The following marketing methods don’t require a massive investment of time or money but can still drive leads and engagement.

So, where do you start?

Write Smarter Emails…

Your email list is arguably your most important asset to your business in pursuit of repeat customers. Rather than slave away at email after email, strive to write smarter emails that are short-form, include images and, most importantly, engage your audience. Minimalist messages can be incredibly effective with the help of interactive email marketing tools to help catch the eyes of your subscribers.

Simply put, you don’t need to write a massive sales letter or deal every time you reach out to your list. As the old saying goes, work smarter not harder.

and Shorter Blog Posts

Conventional wisdom tells us that longer blog posts rank better in search engines as they provide more opportunities to integrate keywords. However, longer posts also mean more work for you as a blogger and the attention spans of your readership. Think about it like this: the three 500-word blog posts you can crank out on your own time during the week are much better than the epic 3000-word post that you simply don’t have time to write.

Don’t be afraid to write shorter posts to pair with your longer ones. There’s no reason why you can’t tick the boxes of SEO with shorter content. Likewise, as long as you’re writing valuable content for your audience, you’re golden.

Keep Social Simple

Rather than try to be a million places at once, you should focus on the social channels that matter the most to your business and audience. You can quickly spend hours on social media with no end-goal in mind if you aren’t mindful. When in doubt, focus on the platforms that…

  • Show you the most love in terms of “likes,” followers and subscribers
  • Remain the most relevant to your industry and audience
  • Provides you opportunities to share your business’ content again and again

Keep an eye on your analytics to confirm what’s working and what isn’t in terms of your social media. The same rings true when it comes to your blog posts and emails, too.

If you’re a laid back business owner, don’t be afraid of focusing on a “less is more” marketing strategy. These tips can help you save time while simultaneously making sure you aren’t missing any potential opportunities for new business.