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5 Mind-Boggling Facts About The First & Only Female-Led Sales Training & Recruiting Agency

Bella Verita is a versatile entrepreneur and a prolific sales strategist. She is the founder of Align Sales Agency, the #1 female-led sales training and recruiting agency in the country. Bella decided to prioritize recruiting women because of the glaringly clear gender employment gap. Bella has been in sales since she was eight years old. As a woman herself, she realized that women hold unique potential that they can leverage in sales. However, the sales niche is male-dominated, and few companies offer a job environment that meets the demands of the female worker. This gap in the market is what inspired Bella to set up the agency. 

5 Mind-boggling Facts About Align Sales Agency 

Flexibility and Remote Options

One mind-boggling fact about Align Sales agency is that it seeks to save lives through sales. The agency is in the coaching and consulting space, coaching women to become professional sales representatives. Align understands that one of the reasons women struggle in the labor force is due to childcare obligations. As such, the agency solves this problem by allowing women to set their schedules and work from home. In this COVID-19 era, the remote working option has worked well for the agency as they can continue with their operations. 

Leveraging Woman Power

Bella’s agency is disrumpting the paradigm of sales. One of the mind-boggling ways they are making this change is by leveraging the feminine essence’s power. Bella believes that sales are a skill that every woman should be good at. This is because women tend to be more persuasive and dedicated compared to their male counterparts. Moreover, women’s maternal nature means that they are naturally inclined to look for the best deal for everyone involved. As such, a female sales representative is more likely to bring value to an enterprise instead of simply closing sales. 

Harnessing the Power of Connections

Bella has disrupted the sales niche. Through her company, she aligns female sales professionals with impact-driven businesses to scale the businesses’ sales and growth revenue. Most enterprises go wrong in their sales strategy because they leverage sales representatives who do not understand their product or goals. Such enterprises hire sales professionals, train them maybe for a month or less, and expect the agents to make high sales. However, Bella understands that today’s market doesn’t work that way. Statistics show that 64% of consumers want brands that connect with them. Establishing this connection means that enterprises should leverage sales representatives who focus on lead generation and relationship building. 

Investing for the Long Run

Along with her other strengths, Bella is skilled in her capacity to invest in salespeople. This investment is a strategy that’s mostly overlooked by other sales agencies, but not Bella. The agency trains representatives who are committed to the long-game. Rather than pursue high closure rates, the agency’s representatives pursue establishing a connection with the customer that will, in turn, lead to repeat purchase and referral marketing. Referral marketing is a bigger deal than most companies realize. Studies show that people are four times more likely to purchase when a friend refers to the product. Wouldn’t you want a sales team that helps you build up in referral marketing? 

Strive for Excellence and Expertise

The fifth mind-boggling fact about Align Sales is their expertise. The agency had a sales agent close $125K in their first week as a sales professional. The agency has managed several 6 figure launches and continues to work with reputable organizations in managing their sales goals. The agency has been successful so far because they understand that the way sales is changing. Bella notes that sales funnels are not working like they used to. Digital marketing also has its flaws, and many businesses get burnt because they expect digital marketing to fulfill their sales expectations. 


Although there is no doubt that digital marketing plays an integral role in sales, there is no denying the power of professional sales representatives. By the end of the day, customers are more likely to respond to the human feel than email marketing or any other digital strategy. This human-centered approach is what Bella is all about. As a serial entrepreneur, she teaches women how to communicate value to the customer, because in the end, this is what truly matters. 

Are you in a business struggling to make sales? What have your experiences been like so far? Kindly share your experience with us in the comments section below. 

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