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6 Valuable Strategies To Become A Successful App Builder

If your dream in life is to make a full time living as an app designer, you should know that you can definitely make this a reality for yourself, but only as long as you do things right. Here are six valuable strategies you can employ to become a successful app builder:

1. Build Apps For Both iOS and Android

Whether to build your app for iOS and Android is a question that every app developer faces. Most ultimately make their choice depending on where more visitors are coming from based on their specific niche, but the truth is you’ll always reach to more people if you build it for both platforms.

2. Build Both A Free and a Paid Version of Your App

While you may feel inclined to only release paid versions of your apps if your goal is to make money, the truth is you would be wise to release both free and paid versions with the paid app being an upgraded version over the free one.

People will always be more likely to download a free app rather than a paid one (especially if the app is new), and after you get plenty of free downloads for your app, you can then market the paid version as having more options and features and being free of advertisements.

3. Build Multiple Apps

To make a living at app building, you will definitely have to build more than just one app. Your goal is to establish yourself as a reputable brand, and to do this you need to prove that you can build several high quality apps rather than just a one hit wonder.

4. Make Your App Convenient For The User

People rarely will sit down and spend several hours on an app. Rather, they’ll quickly check it or play with it for a few minutes in between work times or activities. Therefore, make sure your app is something users can quickly play around with over short periods of time.

5. Know How to Market Your App

You can build the best app in the world, but if you fail to market it, no one will never know about it. You have to be consistently promoting your app and your brand to draw attention to it. You can do this through social media, cross promoting with popular blogs, offering free versions of your app, and choosing a popular niche to begin with.

6. Keep Your App(s) Up To Date

Not only do you want to be continuously releasing new apps, you want to be continuously updating your existing ones as well. This will ensure that your app is current, and each time it’s updated, your users will receive instant notification.

Making Your Dream A Reality

Making a living as an app builder is not a dream that’s farfetched, as that’s how thousands of people across the globe are already making their living by. The six strategies we have covered in this article will help make you realize your dream faster and with less roadblocks along the way.

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