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Free Marketing Automation Guides That Will Help You Become A Pro

Marketing automation technology is designed to help businesses better market themselves across a variety of different channels. Developing a great marketing strategy is necessary, whether you’re global corporation or a startup in the process of raising capital. Regardless of your status, reading up on current trends and baseline concepts can only help you grow. If you’re relatively new to marketing automation, or starting a business from scratch, perhaps you’re looking for a cost-effective way to educate yourself.

Free information comes in a variety of places; you just need to know where to look. Fortunately, we’ve removed much of the guesswork for you, and compiled this list of resources for the best information on marketing automation. With these resources, you can better understand how marketing automation is shaping the world of commerce today, and how necessary it is for businesses to compete in the market.

Blog Posts

If you’ve got the time to spare, these blogs will certainly help shape the way you view marketing. And while you won’t be able to read all the content in a single blog in one day, it’s highly recommended to sign up for newsletter or bookmark the blogs that you feel more invested in. Here are specific blog posts to help get you started:

SelectHub: SelectHub has a comprehensive post for visitors seeking a guide to marketing automation software comparisons. This guide is geared towards visitors who are having difficulty choosing between the dozens of viable options in the automation space. It also includes a free marketing automation requirements template for those looking to narrow down their list of potential software options.

Marketo: Marketo’s video blog post on what every marketer should know really does hit some major pressure points. The vlog discusses the importance of marketing automation to today’s businesses, but also stresses the importance of automation to your customers.

Pardot: In this blog post, Pardot (a part of Salesforce ) discusses why certain emails are reported as spam. This is a huge issue for many marketers, and a great starting point for those looking to rectify the situation. It takes an in-depth look at what annoys subscribers the most, and what errors you make as a marketer that cause your emails to appear spammy.

Annuitas: This blog post, titled, “9 Things Marketers Need From Marketing Automation Consultants & Vendors”, aims to help users understand the processes behind marketing automation software and what’s happening during automation, rather than just turning a feature on and letting it run on its own.


There are many marketing automation ebooks and guides that you can get for free. Usually, the only requirement in exchange for valuable information is signing up for a newsletter — a prime example of how marketing automation can come full circle. These ebooks, though on the same subject, all have a different outlook and are authored by different companies who have experimented and experienced different avenues of marketing automation.

By reading a decent amount of them, you’ll not only have ingested free material and saved money on bookshelf titles, but will likely be much more well-rounded than when you started. Here are a few notable ebooks on the topic:

Conversations, Not Campaigns”: This ebook by Marketo is all about creating dialogue between you and your subscribers. Automation is only as effective as the marketing tactics that are propelled behind it, and this ebook discusses different points of customer engagement that actually drive conversions.

How To Master Marketing Automation”: Hubspot’s go-to guide for marketing automation aims to be a tell-all for those starting from scratch.The guide tells readers how different marketing automation workflows operate, when to integrate automation into sales and marketing strategies, how to segment leads, and much more.

The Definitive Guide To Marketing Automation”: This 100-page guidebook begins by explaining what marketing automation is, and slowly delves into deeper topics. In addition to discussing the importance of marketing automation in today’s economy, it discusses common features in automation software, how to nurture relationships with visitors that aren’t ready to buy, and how to extend current customer relationships.

The ROI of Automation”: This ebook is all about return on investment, and proving the benefits of your marketing efforts. It discusses how companies are using automation to improve their bottom line and gain better insight into performance.

With so much material in the pipeline, you can easily growth hack your way to pro status. Take your time going through each blog post or ebook, and take notes as you go along. Before you know it, you’ll be able to hold educated conversation on marketing tactics and what works for businesses of different industries.