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How Emotions can Drive the Success of Content Marketing?

Do you know why there are posts out there that get considerable attention and some seemingly fall by the wayward? The reason lies in how passionate your message is! No one would continue reading an article if they think it’s bland from the initial impression.

An article that evokes the right emotions will no doubt increase the chances of it being read and being more popular. That’s why it should be one of the main factors to consider in your posts aside from syntax, composing style, and numerous others writing elements.

So how do emotions make such a huge effect? Make sure to read on below to get to know the answer!

Significance of Emotions in Content

Feelings are very much a part of our own everyday lives. It’s something that can transform your mood at any point of time during the day.

The pragmatic investigations recommend that when an element can make a compelling, passionate effect on its readers, at that point, there is a brilliant shot of such an article to be shared by an ever-increasing number of individuals.

Emotions are what enable people to relate to the topic of the article with their own experiences. For instance, envision that you’re reading an article and you read something about marriage and there are instances mentioned there where you can see your own experiences. It can either remind you of good memories or bad ones but no matter what kind of memories are those, you still felt something.

That’s why emotions can do a lot for your content. In fact, below are some of the effects it can have!

How do feelings have any effect?

Emotions are significant for an article because it has the power to impact readers.

Make an immediate connection with readers

The common goal of a writer is to pen down whatever he or she’s precisely thinking and to convey this in a way that readers will understand and feel fulfilled in. When a content is passionately written then it’s much easier to connect with a wide range of readers.

Emotions trigger the brain of the reader

When somebody reads an article that evokes emotions from them. Most often than not, it would feel like the stuff they read happened to him or her directly. Feelings then become a part of the equation and they get to experience emotions such as joy and dissatisfaction which can make a striking effect on their brain.

Readers remember what you said

If you wrote something in an emotive manner then chances are your message will stick in your readers’ heads. They didn’t just read through their eyes but understood what you have to say through their heart making the message stick better in their memories.

You become informative

Content that uses emotions can do more than just evoke the right feelings. Combined with information, the emotions in an article can spur a reader into action. A good example would be an article about a cause. When a reader is moved in how it’s depicted then they’ll most likely feel the urge to donate as well.

Although not all emotions are the positive kind, each single one serves a purpose. To know how you can use both positive and negative emotions in your content, make sure to read on below!

Which feelings can influence the substance?

Positive Emotions
#1 Surprise

If the reader gets surprised while going over a fascinating article then there’s no doubt that he or she would likely want to share the feeling. For all intents and purposes, this kind of emotive representation with a shock factor can pave the way for readers to feel a kind of amazement that’s hard to contain.

Just read a relevant passage below and see how it feels:

In such a scenario, what will you do next? Of course, you will absolutely like and offer the content more to tell your companions and relatives about a similar who might likewise love to hear such news like you. Also, you will try to contact that nonprofit organization that is doing such a noble work for getting the vaccine done to your little one.

#2 Happiness

Who doesn’t like feeling happy? Without a doubt, this is a great emotional tool to use in any story! When people find something delightful or joyful in your content, then they’ll most likely get captivated by it and share it with others to their heart’s content!

Here’s a happy kind of write-up and feel the difference!

There’s no doubt that happiness can be found not just in amusing topics but also when it comes to helping others as well!

#3 Humor

Everybody likes interesting things, especially when life feels unnecessarily stressful! That’s why a lot of people are drawn to offbeat things that make them laugh or feel amused. A content’s comic factor will no doubt prove captivating for readers from all walks of life.

On the off chance that you read a substance where there’s a hilarious take on an otherwise serious topic then there’s no doubt it will encourage more shares and reads. For example, read such a smartly written humorous content below and notice what you feel.

Such a write-up portrays the sensitivity of the topic but it also made for an entertaining read. What’s more, in such a situation, being able to understand the significant worry of such individuals who are experiencing AIDS can compel people to help a nonprofit association that help such a cause!

#4 Affection

Being a pleasant feeling itself, emotions of warmth pull in people towards it. They find such articles that convey this emotion as indispensable to read. For example, content that represents individual approaches to help the elderly who aren’t getting help from their kids can tug at their heartstrings.

To see the actual emotion in action, read on the following image:

Negative Emotions

Negative emotions can also become viral if depicted in a way that piques the curiosity. For this to work, you should know how to address this kind of emotion in a way that provides the right buzz. Here’s a short explanation of how to use different negative feelings to influence your content.

#1 Fear

Dread, which lies on the opposite scope of euphoria, is such feeling that is amazingly critical to passing on in content. Everything considered the posts that have a fear factor in it would most likely be shared by a vast number of people.

It’s because when someone gets unnerved by a topic then they tend to share that with others as well. In any case, this angle should be used wisely as the issue as it can easily backfire. For example, an article about a disease can spread more than ever since people who think it’s applicable to them or someone they know will share it to others.

For instance, just take a glance over the below screenshot!

What would you do if you read such an article? Well, you’d be scared of course but you will attempt to discover different ways how you can keep such an ailment away with the assistance of any known profit association that can enable you to get the drug at a lesser cost.

#2 Anger

Anger is another negative emotional inclination that you could use. Readers who experience this emotion in your content will share it since many would want to enlighten others regarding the topic and to encourage them to take a stand against such an issue.

It’s a particularly useful emotion to propel your content. The essential purpose of such articles with that has anger as a theme should be to increase awareness on an issue.

Like, on the off chance that you read a post in which you feel irritated in the feel of things then it might just spur you to repost it.

For example, something like the content below:

Now, after reading the above substance you would certainly feel furious. Right? So, if you come across such a content at any point of time then you would certainly endeavor to make essential strides against the same by reaching a social benefit association that works magnanimously and excitedly.

#3 Sadness

Sadness, when utilized appropriately, can allow your article to come across as unique.

People reading a sad article can lead to other different emotions. For instance, the content pictured below can make you feel dejected.

So if you come across such content that moves you, chances are, you’ll also be sharing it to others as well!

The Final Word

In the long run, the primary objective of any writer is to create a content that evokes emotions from its readers. Furthermore, whether the feeling is positive or negative, each has individual importance when you use it depending on the purpose you’re aiming for.

Understanding when and how to use a particular feeling within a content should be a priority! In this way, when you begin to compose a quality article next time then you’ll be able to convey a passionate take no matter what the subject you’re discussing is about.


Clara Decker is the marketing manager at, deals, and discounts provider company. She is passionate about money savings, investment, and finance industry. In addition, Clara also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.