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How to Increase the Leads for Your Wildlife or Pest Control Business

Looking to increase leads for your wildlife or pest control business? If so, you’re not alone.

Attracting prospects and hopefully turning them into customers has been an age-old challenge. According to statistics, generating leads is the most challenging task facing over 60% of marketers.

In today’s technologically-driven world, the solution to lead generation lies in leveraging the power of digital marketing. In fact, 88% of marketers claim that their lead-generation tactic of choice is none other than content marketing.

Wondering why so many people are behind digital marketing? Well, it generates up to 300% more prospects but costs 62% less than traditional outbound marketing.

Based on current marketing statistics, the best way to increase the leads for your wildlife or pest control business is hinged on digital marketing. For this reason, here are some avenues to explore in your marketing strategy:

Don’t Underestimate Local SEO

According to Google, nearly 8 in every 10 people who search “near me” services visit the businesses within 24 hours. To ensure your wildlife or pest control business pops up on Google, optimize local SEO.

Search engine optimization largely depends on your use of links, keywords, high-quality content, and social profile pages

Blogging is one of the best ways to improve local SEO. HubSpot claims that businesses that focus on blogging as a marketing tool are 13 times more likely to experience improved Returns on Investment.

Some tools you can use to improve your local SEO include Google Insights, Webmaster tools, Google Analytics, and Google Structured Data Tools.

Embrace the Power of Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – name them; they should be your best friends. These platforms give you an effective, low-cost medium for increasing your business leads.

However, the social media websites you choose should appeal to your business model and target audience. And contrary to assumptions, a business’ social posts don’t have to be rigid and official. Instead, gear your social media posts towards:

  • Educating: Create posts that have educational value for your target market.
  • Informing:  Take intriguing photographs of wildlife or pests that can be found in homes or business structures. You can use videos too—which influences the buying decisions of 9 in every 10 viewers (according to Forbes).
  • Entertaining:  If you come across a funny meme that relates to your wildlife or pest control business, don’t be shy to repost it. This may increase consumer engagement, and improve leads.
  • Building a customer base: For the business social media pages, you can embed a clickable “contact me” icon to direct interested customers to your business. Social media platforms like LinkedIn allow you to directly contact your clients.
  • Optimize Your Website

Fully-functional and optimized wildlife or pest control websites should be a necessity—rather than an option. It’s a great strategy to increase leads and understand consumer behavior. Some of the tricks for an effective website include:

  • Photography: High-quality pictures with interesting captions can significantly improve your leads—especially in a visual-oriented niche like wildlife.

    Who wouldn’t be captivated by pictures of flying birds, running gazelles, a yawning lion, or bats? And did you know that your conversion rates can increase by up to 86%  by simply using a video on your website’s landing page?
  • Mobile-Friendliness: Nowadays, mobile phones are part of our daily lives. With this in mind, ensure your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Certifications and Awards: If you’ve previously received awards for offering great services, plaster them on your website! Simply take the picture of the awards or the certificate and upload them on your site.
  • About Us Section: This section consists of the kind of services you offer, the location of your offices, and any other relevant details.
  • Work Towards Positive Reviews

What is the first thing you do before buying an online product or engaging with a business? Checking the reviews, right? Reviews play a very important part in creating a lux atmosphere for clients—just like recommendations.

For your wildlife or pest control business, invest in providing your customers with top-notch services and they’ll reward you with good reviews—which act as social proof.

You can leverage a management/analytics tool that notifies you on any newly-added reviews—allowing you to respond promptly. To achieve more success for your business, here is a great resource if you need more leads.