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How To Use Facebook Retargeting To Grow Your Brand

From a marketing perspective, Facebook is something that you should never ignore. The largest social media website in the world provides you with a number of opportunities to grow your brand. Of course, the fact you can do so in a targeted fashion is a bonus.
However, at this time I would like to talk about one thing in particular – Facebook retargeting. When used in the right manner, there is no doubt that it can prove itself as a useful approach to growing your brand.

How Good Is Retargeting?

First, let me explain why retargeting is so good on Facebook. Studies have shown that of those individuals that are retargeted, a staggering 70% of them are then more likely to turn into actual paying customers.
That in itself is a huge benefit to any business and is something that you should not ignore. Of course, retargeting is also where you go back to people that you have advertised to before on Facebook. There’s a tendency for the first attempt to fall on deaf ears. People are not interested at first sight. However, when they see your advert or link after a short period of time, then the potential for them to at least have an interest does increase.
But then, how do you use it? Well, I have five tips that will make a real difference.

Different Campaigns For Different Groups

You cannot use the same campaign or approach for every single group. Instead, view the groups individually and tailor the campaign. Identify what it is about a group that would attract them to your business. For example a group representing a Vancouver personal injury lawyer will be totally different to a Toronto one. Add in what your target is for conversions. You may even try several approaches before settling on the best.
It is tempting to attempt to hit every group at the one time, but this gets confusing. Break it up and use different messages according to your aims.

Always Fine-Tune The Message You Send

It has been shown in marketing that a more specific message will always get a better response. It’s also important to remember that different groups are actually at various stages of the marketing process. As they are all thinking different things, then trying to provide them with the exact same message is pointless.
Take this as an example.
If a group has taken out a trial subscription or a sample of your product, then why would you send that group a message about those things? Instead, it serves you better to send them an ad or message that talks to them about the end of their trial or seeking feedback on the sample. That approach will always serve you better than other options.

Focus On Previous Social Media Interactions

Social media involves a different marketing approach to SEO or your website. However, you can work this to your advantage.
By gaining a better understanding of how Facebook advertising and marketing works, you can tailor campaigns to allow them to focus on those individuals that have interacted with you previously. Perhaps they messaged you or watched a video on your page? Some may have also completed a contact form after checking out your ad.
Whatever it is, focusing on these interactions as a source of your retargeting campaign will help to further boost your conversion rates.

The Facebook Pixel Helps

I want to bring your attention to the Facebook pixel as this is a potential game-changer. What you must do is incorporate the code for the pixel into your website. This can then track what people do on your website after clicking on your advert on Facebook.
This allows you to see where your website is working or letting you down. After this, you can either further tailor campaigns to send them elsewhere on your website, or know that things are working well and to stick with this approach.

Use The Facebook LookAlike Audience Tool

Catching the attention of those individuals that have previously interacted with you is one thing. However, attempting to further increase that audience is a different story.
One method is to use the Facebook LookAlike Audience Tool. This makes it easier to find people in the demographic that’s working for you. It is then possible to create the first part of your campaign to target them to provide you with a bigger audience to market to over time.
Facebook retargeting can be wonderfully effective. But then, you do need to work at things to get the correct approach at the right time. As long as you are wise and think about all of this first, then this could very well become one of your key marketing tools.