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Why You Should Respect Your Customers’ Time When Sending Emails

Email etiquette is not the kind of thing businesses should overlook. After all, you never have to look far to find reports of how people hate getting spam email. Also, they detest receiving something that’s too long-winded. But then, what’s the advantage of respecting each customer when sending them an email?

It Reduces The Number Of Un-subscribers

First, respecting the limited time your customer will spend reading your email is likely to lead to a reduction in the number of people that hit the unsubscribe button. This is a key element for all marketers. Remember, a bulging email list increases the chances of getting clients or customers in the future.
If they open the email and see a swathe of text, then the automatic reaction is to either close the email or unsubscribe. Keep things short and sweet to get a better return on your emails.

Directness Is More Powerful

A more direct approach with your emails is more powerful than meandering along until you finally get to your point. People will read the subject or perhaps the first paragraph of an email. After that, they decide as to whether they should continue. It’s up to you to grab their attention immediately.
If people feel from the opening few sentences that there’s something there for them, then they will make the time to read the rest. However, even with that, it’s important to remain direct with your message. If not, people will relate your company with one that fails to provide anything of substance.

Short Means Clarity Meaning Happier Potential Customers

Before sending any email to people on your list, do spend time reading over it. The aim is to see if the message is clear enough that every point is easy to understand at the first time of asking.
The one thing you don’t want is to get the recipient to read the email several times. In all honesty, the chances of them doing that are slim. Also, a lack of clarity leads to frustration. That will never work well for you turning them into a paying customer.

Avoid Sending A Pointless Email

People are busy. They don’t have time to wade through a mountain of emails from various companies or individuals that fail to have a real point. Sending a pointless email may lead to the individual opening it the first time if lucky. But when they see that they shouldn’t have bothered, then your next email is in the trash.
Your intention is to give your customer something of value. You want them to feel that opening the email was worth doing. If this is the case, then they will never have the opinion that you wasted their time and are then more inclined to become a customer.
I would strongly suggest limiting the number of emails you send out to your email list. Giving them an update is only done when they are getting something out of it. Merely boasting about yourself will not fare well for the future.

It Determines How People Perceive You

You want people to perceive your business in a positive light. Email is still regarded as an intimate form of marketing especially when it’s viewed in a more personal way.
There’s a need to become aware of how each and every email is viewed by your customers. Does it portray you in a positive light? Does it result in people feeling confused or disappointed in you?
This alone is a strong reason for you to spend time contemplating your email and whatever is contained within it. Think of it in this way. Would you feel annoyed if you received this kind of email from a personal injury lawyer? How would it change your perspective of the sender? Put yourself in their shoes. Take some time considering each and every line before sending. The impact it has on your future depends on it.
I hope you can see that sending out any kind of email from your business is not something to rush into. Make sure you never waste the time of the individuals that you send to. Failure to realize this will spell disaster for your entire business and will only result in you getting a bad name.
Time is a precious commodity and your customer base doesn’t have time free to then waste it on you providing them with useless information or emails that drag on for far too long. However, do it right and you may very well see a significant upsurge in your business.

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