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6 Tips for Making the Perfect Corporate Video

As social media has risen to greater and greater heights as a platform for spreading influence and information, marketing teams have become increasingly more involved in crafting media for these platforms. Heavy-hitting platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram are spreading media through text, images, video, and so on. However, one medium trumps all others, based on its ability to generate meaningful conversations—video. As stated by Clum Creative’s guide to corporate video, “a plurality of advertisers believe that video sparks more discussions than other media.”Guide To Corporate Video

While companies may perceive this news as meaning that simply creating video content, no matter its quality will ensure the attention of consumers, this couldn’t be further from the truth; since a video is so powerful, those marketers who wield it do so with diligence and experience. Therefore, marketers who want to efficiently utilize the power of video should be sure to educate themselves beforehand. To that end, here are 6 ways to make an impressive marketing video.

  1. Going Viral Isn’t the Goal

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make across the board is tailoring their video with virality in mind. Although it’s cool to see successful videos that have garnered millions of views and sparked discussions across the Internet, keeping this goal in mind is not conducive to success.

Of the very few videos that ever go viral, the majority of them were born through risks that could have backfired horribly. Therefore, for novice marketers and most everyone in general, trying to emulate these viral videos isn’t the most sustainable process. Businesses can instead benefit from making an informative video that succeeds at demonstrating their brand values.

  1. Tackle Multiple Ideas

Although most brands only ever release one video at a time, that doesn’t mean marketers can’t advance by preparing beforehand.When filming the ideas for one video, go ahead and try filming ideas and concepts for future marketing videos. Not only does this process save time and money, but it can also help spark new ideas on the fly.

Ultimately, it’s best to focus on one big project at a time; however, being ready to capture footage for other ideas simply puts your brand ahead of the game. In addition, you never know when a piece of old footage might come in handy for a current project, so it’s beneficial to juggle a few smaller ideas on the side.

  1. Ditch the Green Screen

Perhaps one of the most grossly overused devices in marketing ads, especially those of lower quality, is the green screen. Although being able to project virtually any background on your video may seem versatile, a green screen can actually cause serious problems that eclipse any of its perceived benefits.

Whether people appearing in the video accidentally wear green or the background simply looks unrealistic in post-processing, green screen usage can cause some absolute nightmare situations for the video editors, in addition to being a hassle to everyone else. The best advice would be to stick to natural settings and focus on the actual content of the video, instead of some snazzy, unrealistic background.

  1. Use Template Typography

When it comes to editing, there is nothing more abhorrent than white text overlaid on the video. Doing so can seriously hinder all the quality of work done so far. However, there are types of typography that can look sleeker and enhance the appearance of your video; you just have to pick the right ones.

There are several different options for video typographies. Some options include looking at related advertisements created in the past and then sifting through font repositories to find the best fit for your specific video. Follow these steps, and you should have font and video that only elevate one another.

  1. Have Many Talking Points

Although there may be a temptation to stuff your video with meaningless fluff to make it longer, it is always preferable to include actual substance. To that end, have as many talking points as possible before filming your video; doing so will allow you a great deal more flexibility when editing, but also ensures viewers actually gain something from your video.

In addition, by keeping the talking points moving, you are essentially giving yourself more and more chances to win consumers and corporate audiences over. Therefore, have a concrete plan of the video’s overall goal beforehand; do this, and you’ll be able to make an engaging video that attracts more and more viewers.

  1. Market Aggressively

The final tip isn’t so much for making the video, but for marketing it; after all, if no one sees the end product, it’s as if it was never made, right? The only secret to marketing the video isn’t really a secret at all; you need to be aggressive. Advertise the video wherever possible: one-on-one interactions, in email signatures, on social media, and so on.

Doing whatever it takes to make sure people see your video will serve as the best catalyst for spreading your brand’s influence and, if paired with all of the above steps, impressing consumers with a stunning marketing video.

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