6 Unexpected Uses for Marijuana

Along with the number of pot users doubling in only the last 10 years, so have the discoveries about marijuana’s many uses. Want to know about some unexpectedly great ways—aside from getting high—that pot can benefit you? Read on!

  1. As a seizure regulator.

Evidence collected from lab studies suggest that cannabidiol is helpful in seizure control. Cannabidiol is a strain found in the cannabis plant, also known as marijuana. During one study, seizures decreased by as much as 54 percent among those that took prescription CBD.

  1. As addiction treatment.

For those suffering from a life-threatening dependency on heroin or cocaine? Studies and analysis suggest that pot can reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms. Thus, making it an effective addiction treatment. Opioid abuse of either prescription drugs or street drugs is at epidemic levels, with numbers from the CDC at 46 deaths per day. Medical Daily notes that states that allow medical marijuana see fewer deaths as a result of opioids. Thus, marijuana could provide a safe alternative to those fighting addiction, or looking to alleviate pain. As a side note to this point, marijuana dependence has increased by a couple of percentage points within the last five years. And one survey found college students attest to smoking pot on average 20 times a month. But the health effects of marijuana dependency are minimal when compared to the devastating effects of heroin or cocaine.

  1. For weight loss perks.

Even though cannabis smokers are known to get a serious case of the munchies, why do they always seem so slim? One study took a look at this seemingly contradictory evidence and indeed found that pot smokers have a lower risk of obesity. While the connection between lower obesity levels and smoking pot is not yet fully explained, one idea is as follows. Sometimes we eat just to find comfort and not to satiate nutrition requirements or get our calorie intake. But instead of scratching that itch with food, pot smokers light up a toke instead. Want to shed a few extra pounds before summer vacation? Hit up the nearest dispensaries in Denver, or one near to where you live.

  1. As an autism treatment.

Symptoms of autism in children include aggressive tantrums that can become physically harmful. Parents of autistic children are finding that marijuana can drastically alleviate these tantrums. While federal regulations and lab proof have yet to catch up with personal reports of its effectiveness, progress is visible. Researchers are beginning to study the relationship and effects marijuana has on autism symptoms.

  1. For prevention of Alzheimer’s.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s is ranked in sixth place for causes of death in the US. University of South Florida researchers investigated the possible benefits of THC to halt or slow this disease. THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is a strain from the cannabis plant. Researchers found that those taking THC had lower levels of a type of protein linked to Alzheimer symptoms. Decreased levels of this type of protein mean that THC has the potential to slow the progression of this disease. This is not the only way pot can aid those at high risk of Alzheimer’s. Other ways include THC and CBD’s direct brain inflammation-reducing effects. Inflammation is now being recognized as an element that increases the risk of Alzheimer’s. Thus, preventing brain inflammation has increased in importance.

  1. To soothe troubled skin.

You do not need to ingest it orally to receive this benefit. Apply CBD oil topically to troubled skin and watch your skin heal extra fast. Researchers have studied its effect on psoriasis and eczema and the results have been positive. Cannabidiol contains repressors that can help control skin cell deviations. Making it a great prospect as a treatment for various skin diseases. CBD topical oils are also being used to alleviate various pains. Such as muscle pain, arthritis pain, etc.

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