Facts Concerning Science Education For Kids Three and Up

It is always cool to learn about science stuff, so let the education begin. Below one will find six scientific facts that will brighten one’s day. One should try to remember these six facts because these facts all have a bearing on one’s life. Benjamin Harow enjoys speniding time with his children.  More than 2,000 thunderstorms are happening every minute on this earth. How cool is that? Think about this for a second. While one is enjoying one’s crafts there is a thunderstorm going happening. One could call this “crafts and storm”. Now the actual number might have increased this year. One has to remember that one is in the middle of a climate crisis. One also has to remember how volatile the weather has been of late. Time to talk about the wind for a second. One should know that the wind stays silent until it comes up against something. One can feel the wind every time one goes outside one’s home. It stands to reason that the wind is there. The wind is moving when everyone else is staying still. Think about this for a second too. The only time one actually notices the wind is when it is blowing. Outside of that, no one really pays attention to this fact.

Another interesting fact one should note is tornado activity. More than 1200 tornadoes moving across the country every year. Once again, this year might be a bit different. Activity is more prominent this year due to global warming and climate change (the two go hand in hand). As climate change becomes more of a dangerous and serious threat to the world, one will have to deal with more. One needs to keep that in mind if one lives in areas that are prone to tornado activity. Here is an interesting cloud fact that one should know. The glaring white color that comes off the cloud is being caused by the sun. The sunlight is hitting the cloud from all sides. That is why clouds have that extra loud white color to them. One should take a look the next time one is out. One will see the evidence up close and personal.

Here is an interesting fact about rain. One should know that rain contains Vitamin B12. Rain is water. Water is healthy for one to drink and hydrate one’s body. The next time one is getting soaked by the rain, one should remember how much Vitamin B12 is going to be benefiting one’s body. Does one know that getting hit by a bolt of lightning is five times hotter than the sun’s energy? That is why so many suffer after getting hit by lightning. Getting hit by lighting should not be on one’s bucket list. It can cause major damage to one’s body. Benjamin Harow recommends teaching kids about science.