Humes McCoy Aviation Provides 6 Simple Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Successful businesses have comparable factors that contribute to positive results. One of those critical factors revolves around customer care and loyalty. Without consumers, a company does not stand a chance in the market. Humes McCoy Aviation is a uniquely personalized transportation service with overwhelming client satisfaction rates. Florida-based, Humes McCoy Aviation has become a powerhouse […]

5 ways CBD will make your life better in 2020

With research providing satisfactory evidence in regards to the benefits of CBD, the use of CBD or Cannabidiol for various purposes is on the rise.  Many states are passing laws in favor of CBD infused products. The year 2018 saw President Trump sign the Farm Bill which legalized the use of hemp and its derivatives […]

3 major hurdles to organisational change

Are you looking to make changes within your organisation? It may be worth being aware of these major hurdles prior to making such changes, so that you could make a plan to get around, or over them, if they crop up. 1. Resistance It’s a sobering thought to read that 75% of organisational change programs […]