3 must-have free tools that can help you accelerate SEO

Optimizing your website to rank higher than other sites in Search Engines is a powerful way to increase not only your website’s visibility but to increase your sales as well. Search Engines rank websites according to specific algorithms built into them. These may be too complicated for everyone to understand, but there are certainly well-known, and easy to understand factors that the website builders can keep in mind if they want their website to climb the ranks, and also accelerate their Search Engine Optimization.

1.   Use of Keywords

The proper use of keywords is everything. When describing your website, your products, or any images you have used on the page – basically anywhere text is being used – make sure to use relevant keywords that your target audience might type in. Even your URLs and hyperlinks should have the keywords in it. In order to get maximum traffic to your website, using keywords can help make your content come up in search engines a lot quicker and on the first few pages.

2.   Length of Content

While it is essential to describe what your page is all about, make sure not to overdo it. Visitors tend to get attracted to engaging titles and precise descriptions. So make your title catchy, and your content not too long. It is also undesirable to stuff keywords in everything. If you overuse keywords, the search engines will rank you lower. Remember that these algorithms are ingenious! Use the right amount of words; not more, not less.

3.   Loading Time

If your page takes too long to load, it will have a high bounce rate. No one wants to wait too long for a page to load. Decreasing the size of files on the page helps. Compressing images before uploading them is also recommended. If you feel that compressing may reduce the quality of the image, use Adobe Photoshop or other image editing software to ensure that your images have the best quality and do not take up too much space. It not only helps decrease the size of the image, but also helps retain image quality, and improve website load time.

4.  Sitemap

You will be surprised as to how important a search engine considers a sitemap. Without this, it is challenging for the search engine to go about and navigate a website, and therefore difficult to decide which web page to index and which not to index. Providing a sitemap is like giving a search engine with a guide.

5.   Meta Tags

These are descriptions that do not get displayed on your actual page but are very useful for the search engines to figure out what a page is about. So, naturally, a well-written Meta tag means better SEO. Make sure to make appropriate use of the keywords in the Meta Tag as well as the actual website content.
Many good SEO tools and software are costly. However, there are some excellent free tools available online that can help you tackle certain significant issues, like the ones listed above by experts at VM Interactive. Addressing even these issues can prove beneficial, and increase your chances of a higher Search Engine ranking.

1.   SEOptimer

SEOptimer is a free tool that helps website and business owners get a professional review and analysis of their website and what might be holding to back from becoming optimised for Search Engines. Small business owners can mainly take advantage of such tools to increase web traffic and their online presence.

2.   Website SEO checker

This website has an in-depth analysis tool that allows website owners to get on-page and off-page analysis of everything about their website, including meta tags, keywords, images, text placement, traffic, and much more. This analysis can help any website owner optimise their Search Engine results. Here’s one example tool to check out:

3.   Moz

Link building and link generation is an excellent way to gain more traffic to your website. In order to analyse if your website’s link generation and backlinks are having the effect you want, tools such as Moz can prove extremely useful. With a clean and easy to use interface, this tool can allow website owners to not only generate but analyse link generation and usage.
Accelerating SEO is the best way for digital and local businesses to gain online traffic and ensure that they have a stable, reliable, and accessible digital presence. Using the tools and tips mentioned above, any business owner can take their online business to the next level.