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4 Suggestions to Supercharge Your Digital Marketing Results

Are you tired of spending all your time on marketing, only to see minimal results (if any)? These days, a lack of return on digital marketing is a serious problem that demands a quick and effective solution.

You Need to Act Swiftly

Let’s be honest, most people have no clue your business exists. Unless you’re running a Fortune 500 company or have been around for decades in the same location, your exposure isn’t apt to be very high.

You might be able to count a few hundred or thousand individuals that know about your firm, but the rest of the city, never mind the world, is going on with their daily lives, completely unaware of your existence.

For the most part, this is all right. An electrician in Scottsdale, Arizona doesn’t care if a renter in Boston, Massachusetts knows about his company. But if 95 percent of the homeowners in Scottsdale don’t know about that electrician, then that’s an entirely different story.

For small businesses, marketing is the answer for closing the gap between a marketplace need and brand awareness. It’s about making target customers —  those who actually need or could use your products and services — aware that you exist.

Once that foundation of awareness is laid, then marketing has a shot at persuading potential customers to make a purchase. If your digital marketing efforts are bland and colorless, you’re probably missing out on the chance to reach the people who need you most. You’re also setting up your business for eventual failure by limiting your reach and putting a cap on revenue potential.

The point is, you can’t afford to be lackadaisical about your marketing efforts any longer. Though you may spend lots of time on self-promotion, are you honestly tackling it with the level of creativity and passion that’s needed to make headway?

Most likely, the answer is no.

Four Ways to Supercharge Your Results

Every company obviously has its own personality and specific facets that make it unique, but you can apply certain general techniques and strategies in your operation to provide a significant spark for your marketing efforts. Here are four you should try:

1. Hire an Agency

It’ll cost you on the front end, but a solid marketing agency will provide a substantial return on investment for your business, assuming you select the right one.

Make a list of possible agencies. Ideally, this should include firms that have demonstrated expertise in your niche, though this isn’t a necessity. A good marketing agency can thrive in any industry or vertical. The key is to look for an agency that possesses a clear strategy and approach.

You can tell a lot by visiting a firm’s website. Does the homepage tell you what sets the company apart, or is it just another generic agency?

Simple Machines Marketing offers a good illustration of a company that offers an articulate explanation of who it is and what role it plays for its clients. For example, Simple Machines seeks to work with small B2B companies that are focused on building awareness and driving growth.

What are you looking for in an agency?

2. Invest in More Visual Content

It requires more time and creativity to develop visual content, but the results can be far superior to mere text. But having said that, not any visual will do.

Generic stock photos are about as worthless as a keyword-stuffed blog post. Relevancy is key. “If you’re targeting millennials, don’t show images of middle-aged people,” marketing expert Caitlin Jordan notes

“Show the people you’re wanting to have as customers. Put them in situations that your viewers can relate to, and try to make them feel as real as possible.”

3. Cut Back on Automation

We live in an age of automation. You’re told to automate as many manual processes and tasks as you possibly can, because that’ll save you time and money. This is usually true, but it doesn’t inevitably produce better results.

Automation definitely has its place in marketing, but be wary of using it too much. When it comes to interacting directly with prospects — such as on social media — it’s much better to be hands-on. Customers see through automation and crave genuine interaction with businesses.

4. Improve CTAs

It can seem like a minor detail, but the call-to-action (CTA) text you use in your web design and content marketing efforts can have a major impact on your conversions. By improving your CTAs, you may be able to get more out of your existing landing pages, emails, social media posts, and so on.

Most marketing gurus want to focus on the phrases you use , like “buy now” or “click here,” but research shows that the elements of a CTA that have the highest impact are color, placement and size. For example, SAP once found that orange boosted its conversion rate by 32.5 percent compared to other shades. Another company, Performable, found that red boosted its conversion rate by 21 percent.

This connects to another related suggestion — always test and optimize. The more you keep track of your marketing efforts and study the actual data, the greater your understanding will be of what does and doesn’t work. A/B split testing can be highly instructive.

Ready, Set, Go

There aren’t any shortcuts in digital marketing. There are, however, certain tactics you can use to jumpstart your efforts.

The sooner you implement these techniques, the greater your chances are of increasing brand awareness among the people who truly matter to your business.