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4 Tips for Digital Marketing Success This Year

Digital marketing is growing every year, and it’s almost impossible for businesses to ignore if they want to succeed. Online success means the ability to reach your target demographic day and night. And being online has evolved from just PC users to the world being inter-connected with mobile devices.
Keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing is a must for small and large businesses alike.
What trends should every digital marketing company be following for their clients in 2019?
digital marketing trends

1. Shifting Budgets Away from Facebook

Facebook is a social media giant, and they have dominated the social sphere for a decade. But we’re seeing the company at what may be its peak. Still impressive, this platform consists of 41% of users being 65 or older.
If you’re targeting seniors, it’s still a platform that should be heavily invested in for your business.
Shifting budgets away from Facebook will happen a lot this coming year, and it’s really important to sit down and determine your target audience. Many of these potential buyers may have changed their habits, spending more time on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media platforms.

2. Support is Evolving to be Less Resource-Intensive

Support is changing in the business world, and we’re seeing a lot of business, especially on Facebook, move over to chatbots. These chatbots are lowering human resource involvement in business, and they allow for everything from basic customer support to tracking packages.
Interaction with these bots is improving, leading to higher customer satisfaction and lower expenditures for businesses.

3.  Content Marketing is Still Important

People are still very curious and want to learn, and it’s the main reason that content still matters a lot. We’re still seeing content being essential in digital marketing, and quality is still going to be very important.
Consumers are searching for in-depth information and knowledge, and businesses are going to need to cater to these needs by understanding their demographic.
Specialized content, especially when the content is highly targeted, will provide the best results. We’re talking about content that is measured, marketed and very well-researched.

4. Video is Continuing to Grow and Remain Very Engaging

Video is a big part of digital marketing, and it’s going to continue to remain a big part for the foreseeable future. People are glued to YouTube because videos are so engaging. Video needs to be spread among a lot of platforms, including YouTube and Facebook.
Even Instagram is a good choice for teens and younger adults.
With the inclusion of analytical data and metrics, video is a powerful tool in the digital marketing world. Live video is also important, but it’s different from pre-taped and planned video.
Live video can be somewhat planned, but it must also show personality and include someone who is able to gain the trust of viewers. What you need to plan with live video is publicizing. You need to generate buzz for your live video to make sure that you’re able to get as many eyeballs on the screen as possible.
And if your videos are at least 10 minutes long, that’s even better.