Authority Guest Posting {How To Gain Huge SEO Links Fast} Action Guide

High Authority Guest Blogging for SEO

If you’re looking to promote your website and rank higher in search engines, then blogger outreach is definitely one of the foremost strategies you should look into. High authority guest blogging has both SEO benefits and general brand building benefits that will help you expand your audience reach. Not only will you get people who are interested in the subject you’re talking about but it also gets your name in front of them in a non-marketing context.

What is Guest Blogging?

In a nutshell, guest blogging involves writing content for other bloggers, which makes for a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties involved.

The way this works is that you, as the writer, get your content out there in front of a fresh audience of people that aren’t readers of your own website. The blogger gets the benefit of new content that they didn’t have to write themselves and the chance to provide their readers with a fresh voice and a new take on their subject.

Bloggers like having guest authors because having multiple contributors help make them look more reputable and authoritative. Moreover, it gives their readers more reason to keep checking back for interesting content and different perspectives. As a writer, you’ll benefit from the chance to include those links in your byline and also from the fact that you can talk to an audience of people who are also passionate about your expertise.

Why Authority Matters

Authority, in the context of search engine marketing, is something that the search engines use to decide whether or not a link has weight. A link from a low quality, spammy article site is unlikely to have a positive impact on your search ranking. If your site gets a lot of low-quality links from press release submission sites or from article marketing directories then it could actually harm your rankings. Single Grain talks about Quality Guest Post as a great way to rank your website.

Links from low quality blogs on free blog hosts or from sites that are rarely updated and that don’t have a lot of engagement and incoming links themselves will have minimal impact. Google sees those links as being the equivalent of a %u201Cvote%u201D from a friend or from your Aunty Jess. Of course Aunty Jess is going to say %u201CLittle Timmy’s essays on dog breeds are amazing!%u201D. In essence, that vote doesn’t mean as much as a vote from the leading kennel club in your country saying the same thing so it really doesn’t carry much weight.

The kennel club or a breeder’s association, on the other hand, clearly knows what it’s talking about. Such an organisation has authority and therefore a link from them carries a lot of weight. The main search engines use sophisticated algorithms for calculating authority and they will no doubt pay more attention to a site that is linked from a high authority site. Educational sites, Wikipedia, high profile bloggers, and big brands all have a lot of authority.

Finding High Profile Blogs

How can you find high profile blogs to work with?

Well, there’s a good chance that you already know who the high profile bloggers in your niche are because they’re the people that you already read yourself. You can still assess the authority of blogs independently though.

Moz provides a browser toolbar that allows you to look at the domain authority of a website. Domain authority is similar to the old (still mentioned, but no longer really relevant) page rank. It’s a metric that can help you to figure out whether a site has been around for a long time, how respected it is, and whether it should be paid attention to.

Most PR firms will look at domain authority before they give out review samples or do sponsored posts. Naturally, since they are looking at spending money to promote the products or services of their clients, they will want to work only with high authority blogs.

If you’re a blogger who just wants to grow the profile of your own site then you can be a little more relaxed when it comes to doing high authority guest blogging—you don’t need to stick to those with extremely high domain authority as long as it’s clear that the site does have some cachet in your specific niche. On the other hand, a relatively young, growing site with a diligent blogger behind it could still do a lot of good for your own profile!

High Authority Guest Blogging Ideas

The trick with guest blogging is to make sure that you give something useful to the blogger and their audience. You aren’t going to win many friends or readers if you use your guest post as a chance to just promote your own blog.

The host blog isn’t providing you with a platform for self-promotional purposes—they want to give their readers value so you should be focusing on giving the same too. It’s actually in your byline where you have the chance to sell yourself and your blog.

Your post could be about anything but ideally, it should be something that complements what the host blogger already offers. Let’s say that you’re a personal trainer and you’re guest posting on a site about martial arts. Don’t try to talk about the martial arts specifically—the host blogger already knows a lot about that and there’s a high chance that their readers could be better informed than you are.

You, however, may well have expertise in moving in a way that prevents injury or is related to injury rehab. Spin that towards martial artists and you’re providing something entertaining and informative that will likely net you some long-term followers.

Guest blogging is something that you should look at doing long term to keep your site growing.

Post regularly on your own blog and try to rotate through a network of bloggers that you get on well with and sharing content with them. A few times a year, look for new bloggers that you’d like to connect with and grow your network. Be sure to accept the odd guest post yourself so that you can grow the network the other direction too—that way, everyone benefits from high authority guest blogging opportunities.

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