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Being the best SEO Company, it is important to focus on exactly what will give our clients the best rankings, conversions, and overall bang for their buck. When we first started we were obsessed like everyone else with backlinks. Now that we have gained some wisdom, we understand that rankings really have a direct correlation with a website’s inner linking structure.

Realize This… Google Bots, Bing Bots, and Yahoo Bots understanding exactly what your website is about and what information is located on is the only thing that the Best SEO Company like us will do for you. We understand that computers can’t use logical common sense like we can.

So when your sites structure is off and it looks like your subjects are crisscrossing then you will not get as much google love. This doesn’t mean it is easy to fix though.

What We Focus On

The hardest thing for an SEO consultant to realize is that rankings and conversions, regardless of how you get there, are the most important thing long-term.

When you started building your website and ranking it or at least trying to, you may have felt that it was important to look at all the 205 Google ranking factors. Site Structure, Content Types & Amount of Content, and your websites depth will have a bigger factor to your initial rankings than anything else will when you first start out.

Why We Focus On This

When you put 100 Articles (180,000 words) then you will find that (targeted) keywords will rank and your content will pull in some visitors regardless of what your off page SEO is like. This is also has greater truth if you have the proper website structure.

It is not unusual to see this type of site (large amount of content on one categorical topic) begin to really pull in large traffic and rank for keywords with a 10th of the backlinks that its competition has.

What We Are Saying Is This

When you are looking at the various rankings factors and what you can do today for your website, you should focus on the structure and the amount of content that you have currently.

While we feel that we are one of the best SEO companies.

We know that you have some preconceptions (maybe even misconceptions) that you believe we should be doing. We offer a wide array of Authority backlinks, Local SEO, Organic SEO, and even Content Marketing so we can do anything.

What we really want to make sure that every client realizes first is that we have to make sure your website has proper structure first.

Your SEO Website Structure

When you look at your current website. Do you see a taxonomy?

In other words do you see that your site has a few very important key traits:

Pages – Main Pages for Site Index. Each Page shows the index below it and the links to them. This is the main keyword and most difficult (outside of home page) that you are trying to gain rankings for. It is also on one general topic (normally harder to link for).  

Categories – This is a page that will have 4 pages underneath it. The main category will show on this page and will link to the other 4 main pages. We recommend starting with 3 categories and building out from there.

Pages – While 4 are pointing at the category page. There should be more than just those four obviously. Each page should have minimum 2 post that it is linking to it as almost like subtopics.

Post – This can be the bottom of your taxonomy. This only link up to the page that they are a part of. I also link the post to one another within their same page category.

I can promise that if you build out 8 – 10 pages with this type of structure below it around your content, we will dominate your rankings and do it with 75% less backlinks. We will use high authority backlinks to the right places and your site will absolutely crush it.

Realize also. This is not because of the “link juice” being distributed like many people will tell you. It is because the structure allows a computer to read it easier. It knows and can easily identify what you are talking about and where that content belongs.

An example of how we buildout website structure.

best SEO company

This is just one of the reasons we are the Best SEO Company by far. We are trying to just grab money and tell you about the coolest things that are new and sound great. We actually demand that we rank your site and gain even more keywords than you thought were possible. We want more for you than you expect to gain from an SEO company.

The boring stuff that actually works is often all that matters.

One very important note. In order to find the right structure for the keywords etc… Can take but to 80 hours for a large site. This is not a small undertaking. Then the content for that size site can be very demanding.

We can build out one leg at a time but the keywords and overall plan are best to have before you use a keyword you should have targeted elsewhere in your first structure.

We should book a consultation if this is something that interest you. We can skype about it for 15 minutes and let you know what your site would need etc…