Confessions of a Google Spammer

I was reading the confessions of a Google Spammer recently and chuckled. I sent the article to my two founding partners. This article hit home. I wasn’t making the 150k a month that he was but I had a similar experience in the past.

I too was interested in one thing back in 2009 – 2013, Rank websites. This was the ultimate rush to me in this time. I had the puzzle and it was visible for everyone to see. I didn’t care about making money but was only emphatic about one thing. That one thing was ranking a site for a keyword that everyone else would say was impossible.

Spamming for Profit

Then I started reading some of the blog post templates from “The Content Engine” by Ryan Deiss and chuckled again. How far I have come…

This is a great tool/site if you are not using our service. You have to have post that are quality and he does a great job of breaking down exactly what they do. I realize that I understand it greater because I am well-seasoned in content marketing and blog post at this point.

History of Spam Blogging

Here is a conversion between myself and my partner on Hybrid Backlinks. This site is still up to this day but not taking orders. I leave it up simply to remind myself of where I came. I left his name out as I don’t know if he wants everyone in the world to know he was a “blackhat guy.”

The reality was that I could rank anyone for anything in about a month. It literally took me less than a few hours to rank for keywords like “SEO”, “Backlinks”, “Buy SEO”, “SEO”, and “Rank My Website.”

If you were getting these results would you do anything differently?

I didn’t understand the long term power behind real Content Marketing at the time. I confess. I have converted. It is amazing to say that today. I believe and practice content marketing.

Why Content Marketing over Rankings

The Old Days:

As well as this:

Not trying to rat you out bro but I can’t believe this stuff still makes money.

Content Marketing Today

Today it isn’t just about Rankings. The reality is that content marketing matters more than just the rankings it brings.

I know today that all you can think about is dominating the keyword rankings that you are looking at every day. I get that. I am the same way.

That short term ranking has a goal set for it. Me in the top 3 for that search term or bust. This attitude was mine as well. I knew that once I had rankings I would have traffic.

Traffic is the Currency of the Internet

Traffic being the currency of the internet has been a saying for a long time. I took this to heart as you are.

The reality is that you need loyal customers.

Loyalty the Important Goal

I can say enough how important loyalty is. The fact is that once you provide the solution to a customer problem and you were the company/brand that educated them on the problem to begin with, then you will have that customer for life.

Thick and thin, that customer will be there. You will resonate with that customer for all time.

Instead, there is loyalty, which requires communicating brand values that people want to be affiliated with. Consumers today have many options, and more than ever they choose particular brands to communicate something personal about their own beliefs and priorities. The best way to establish and reinforce common values is to create content that’s so highly specific it defines not only the brand, but the customer. ~ Alexander Jutkowitz

Marketing to Customers for Long Term

When your approach is customer focused, I mean really customer focused then you will not worry about your rankings.

This is hard to swallow. This is really hard to swallow.

Why Rankings Can Hurt Your Business

I was watching this episode of “The Profit” recently and he spoke about opening a second retail location too fast.

This hit home for me. When you are ranking your business then you are focused on the wrong thing. You simply need to find a way to get one or two customers first and make sure their experience is amazing.

This brand loyalty, although boring, is absolutely the base that you should build your business on.

Thought Leader Changed His Mind

I used to have customers call me talking about the “Black Hat” articles I would write explaining how to spam Google. The Hybrid Backlinks blog and the Backlinks Breakthrough are full of them. All of these articles are absolutely true except they are wrong.

The goal is different. You want a long term business and not just to rank your website. You need to educate and engage your prospects.

Trust me as my experience is wildly accepted fact at this point. Even if you gain the rankings that you are wanting from any other method than content marketing… You will be left without what you were truly wanting.

You wanted a wildly successful business that gained customers time and time again that absolutely love your brand.

Grow that correctly from the beginning.