Business SEO

How SEO Can Increase Business Revenue

Search Engine Optimisation has been a vital tool for marketing teams since the dawn of the Internet. Having a website just isn’t enough for businesses – it’s essential that potential and existing customers are able to easily locate you in the search engine results, for keywords and phrases that relate to your niche.

Whilst PPC is undoubtedly also an important way to create brand awareness and direct targeted traffic to your website, SEO is a more affordable and longer-term solution to increase revenue for your business. Here are some of the ways in which it does this.

Expanding Your Reach

Much like the positioning of high street bricks and mortar business to increase maximum footfall through the door, when it comes to SEO for your site, the aim is to be ranking in the top spots for keywords that you believe your potential customers will be using.

Recent clickthrough rate (CTR) analysis of the top positions in SERPs, suggests that if your site ranks no. 1 for a particular phrase, then you’ll receive around 30% of the traffic from users who have typed in these words.

This drops to approximately 10% if you’re ranked at no. 3 and for those lower down at the bottom of page 1, you could expect to attract just 2% of interest in this particular search term.

So, if you prioritise reaching the top spots in Google or Bing for example, then you could expect to significantly expand your digital reach rather than letting your website coast along in the lower spots, gaining far less attention.

Once you’ve attracted those extra site visitors, you’ll have plenty of opportunities using your web design and layout to increase your revenue by converting that interest into sales.

Not Just For Ecommerce

However, for those local businesses who don’t quite believe in the power of SEO, even ventures that don’t have an ecommerce component to them can rely on search to improve their business revenue.

Surprising figures revealed by Nectafy find that 88% of local business searches from a mobile platform result in the user calling or visiting the business within 24 hours.

And with 97% of internet users conducting local business searches, according to HubSpot, these aren’t statistics that any business with a website can ignore.

By optimising your site with local techniques suggested by professional SEO consultancy services, you can be sure to increase those profit margins.

Focus on Conversions

Of course, traffic provided by SEO is one thing, but it’s what you do with the site visitors once they’ve landed on your pages that truly counts when it comes to the prospect of increasing revenue.

If your landing pages have incredibly high bounce rates, then, your website strategy isn’t working for you and considering web copywriting services might help.

But by gathering vital stats related to SEO, using programs such as Google Analytics, you’ll be provided with detailed information about who your visitors are, what they’re doing on your site, how long they’re spending there and at what point they’re leaving.

This type of data will help you enhance your design layout, perhaps working on your sales language, placement of sign-up or purchase buttons and focusing more on UX.

As an affordable way to market yourself in the digital arena, SEO is a channel that shouldn’t be ignored by any business who wants to increase their revenue. The results won’t be immediate but committing to search over time has the potential to establish you as an industry leader in the long term.