How To Optimize Your Podcast Using SEO

Podcasts are considered to be the future of Internet marketing. The fact that podcasts present the information in easily digestible pieces raises their popularity among people who want to learn something new and be more productive.

Marketing specialists say that podcasts are crowd-pleasing due to their convenience and accessibility for people who want to be more productive.

According to the statistics, one in every four Americans above the age of 12 listens to podcasts regularly.

It’s important to note that the trend for listening to podcasts has only started to pick up the pace. Therefore, it can be used to boost online marketing campaigns and benefit brands.

Learn About Podcast Trends

Today, more and more people keep re-discovering podcasts so they’ve turned into one of the most popular forms of content consumption that can compete with blogs and videos 

As they can significantly grow your audience, ‘SEO podcast’ has become a popular term among SEO professionals. So let’s find out what it means.

Podcast SEO has two main goals: high ranking on Google and on the podcast platform that you are using. If you succeed in these two, your plays, conversions, and ratings will grow.

Still, the key factors that must be considered for achieving success in podcast ranking are the quality and uniqueness of your materials. First of all, your product must be good and original, so SEO optimization will be helpful in this case.       

Adding Keywords To Your Podcast Episodes

The very first keyword you need to choose is the one in the podcast’s title. Pick one main keyword for the content of your podcast that will describe it. Where do podcasts need keywords except the title?

You should select keywords for meta descriptions, H1-H4 headings, image names and ALT tags, episode recaps, timestamps, and transcripts.

Even though you may have your own ideas, your keywords should be always tested with the help of SEO tools, as they must have a high search volume and a low competition rate at the same time.

To get information on the most appropriate keywords, use keyword rank checker. It will help you to pick relevant keywords with the right characteristics that clearly reflect the search intent of users.

Note, that it’s better to optimize each podcast episode for only one main keyword. Make sure that you don’t use the same keyword for every episode as it will not contribute to your success. But it is okay if there is some keyword similarity in some episodes.

The Importance Of Transcriptions For Podcasts

If you create a transcription for your episode, it will help search engines better understand the content of your podcast. Even though Google automatically transcribes your podcasts, the result of it is not always good.

Transcription improves the discoverability of your episodes if you add the right keywords, content structure, and key points. It also makes your materials more accessible and allows you to split the content in time brackets to help listeners find topics in your podcast more easily.

Although making transcriptions is a time-consuming process, it is worth your efforts if you want to improve your SEO and build an audience.  

Submit Podcast To Google Podcasts

If you want your podcast to show up as an audio snippet in search results, upload it to Google Podcasts. The easiest way to do it is with the help of adding your podcast’s RSS feed (in case you need help with it, you can use an rss feed checker).

Today, Google becomes more serious about podcasts, so you should use this opportunity to improve your SEO.

Link To Your Podcast On Social Media

Some people say that sharing is caring. One of the most important indicators of a successful podcast is the number of shares it gets on various social media. That’s why you should encourage your audience to share the link if they’ve liked your podcast.

Define the most convenient social media channels based on your topics and target audience to promote your content.

As with any other type of content, promoting your podcasts is an important element of your success. It helps to improve your SEO by increasing the levels of popularity and therefore your ranking.

Using social media is a great way to get some extra exposure for podcast episodes. How should you do it properly?

First of all, don’t forget to share your episodes in the most popular social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, just use social media calendar tools for planning and crossposting.  

The more social networks you involve, the more listeners you’ll attract. Add a share button to each podcast on your website. This will make it easier for users to share your materials on their pages.

Always use hashtags and add previews of your episodes. You can also create sneak peeks and share them on social media before uploading a full podcast to make your listeners more curious about the information that you are going to highlight.

Another great idea is to record your episode on Facebook Live or Instagram Live. Streaming is a powerful tool that influences listeners’ fear of missing out. It’s also important to track user engagement on your social media pages.

If it drops and they start giving fewer likes and shares, you should take some prompt actions to change the situation.


Creating podcasts is a great way to get more brand exposure on the web. To make your podcasts successful, you should follow some rules of SEO optimization.

First of all, select the right keywords for your episodes with the help of high-quality SEO tools. Then devote some time and energy to transcribe podcasts and make them more accessible to your listeners.

Moreover, to boost episode ranking, add it to Google Podcasts so your product will show up as an audio snippet in search results. Also, take care of its visibility on social media.

Try to engage your audience as much as possible and ask them to share your materials on their personal pages. Once your podcasts are optimized, you will see how its popularity and ranking will grow. To track your success, find some podcast analytics tools that will meet your needs.

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