Local SEO Methods You Should Be Doing Right Now

It’s widely known that SEO is important for any business who wants to improve their online visibility. However, getting it right means choosing the right strategy and having enough knowledge to implement it.

For instance, if most of your target customers are local, then your SEO needs to be local as well. In this article, we discuss why it’s vital to attracting buyers so you can much easily grow your business profits.

What is local SEO?

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the branches of SEO that prioritizes and aims to help a website achieve a higher rank in the local searches.

If you want to gain new buyers or customers that are from your specific city or state, this will greatly give benefits to your business.

This is a must if your business caters to locals such as carpet cleaning, aircon repair or if you have an actual brick shop where local foot traffic is important.

Local SEO is done on your website where you market and advertise to your local audience. The question is, how is it done and what are the tips for an effective local SEO?

Tips on How to Get Your Business Rank Higher in the Local Search

As time passes by, the local competition also keeps on getting intense. Thus, before you waste any of your time, learning about the proper tips on how to rank your business higher in the local search results is essential. 

Google My Business

One of the most important actions you need to prioritize is to optimize for Google My Business. As we all know, Google is currently the most popular search engine. 

Therefore, businesses use this tool so that Google can initially display their business’ profile upon searching. Once your business has achieved a Google My Business page, your authenticity rate would increase, leading to a gain in potential customers.

Update and improve your website

To improve your local SEO, you must know how to optimize and update your website according to certain keywords that are relevant to your business.

In order to do this, you need to consider and be aware of several things on your website if you’re aiming for a higher local search ranking. 

First, you must learn to upgrade your internal linking structure. Doing so makes for better website navigation which could then positively affect the ranking power of the different pages of your site.

Second, know how to optimize title tags, meta description, and header with the right keywords. Title tags have a limit of only 50-60 characters, thus, it is important to consider uniqueness, creativity, and impact of it in creating one.

If you want to reach your local audience, include the location or area of your business in your tags (e.g. plumber in Calabasas). You can also perform keyword research in order to further build content that would increase your ranking power in the local searches. 

Lastly, make sure that your business website is mobile-friendly. This is important because the majority of people now conduct searches through their smartphones and mobile devices as it is more convenient to use.

Failing to achieve this would result in a loss of potential customers or buyers having access to your business site when it best suits them.  

Use Local SEO Tools

Aside from the tips and methods mentioned earlier, you could also try to utilize some SEO tools to boost your ranking in the search results. Some of the popular tools used by different businesses are as follows:

  • Ahrefs

This specific tool helps with backlink checking and could also be used for keyword research. Similar to other tools, it has a reasonable price for it offers great and quality services.

  • Moz Local

This tool could be considered as the most popular one used by businesses as it helps with ensuring the correctness or authenticity and visibility of your website in the local searches. However, this tool isn’t free and requires a subscription to be used beyond the trial.

  • Buzzstream

Buzzstream is an effective link building tool that is utilized by many businesses.

It also helps with backlink checking, facilitates relationship building with local influencers, and manages communications between website owners and other parties.

Wrapping Up

Dominate your local search rankings through the above methods and you’ll surely have a thriving business that can be easily discovered by your target market.

A solid local SEO strategy using the above as well as quality content can no doubt drive more qualified traffic to your website!