6 Simple Ways to Crush the Local Competition at SEO Right Now

Life used to be superb if you owned a local business and knew a few things about SEO. Everyone else in your area didn’t stand a chance because they didn’t know what to do. They were oblivious to the fact they could skyrocket their business using search engine optimization.

Now it seems like there are marketing experts everywhere, but it’s not true depending on your industry. They just know a little more than they did in the past, so you need to take your game to the next level. Here are a few ways you can still crush them in Google.

1. Build a Google My Business Account

Not only will a Google My Business account help improve your search engine rankings, but it’s completely free and doesn’t take long. You can’t really expect Google to take you seriously if you don’t have one.

When it’s up and running you’ll need to look into how to get more Google reviews. They will help drive more customers to your site. It’s pointless sitting in the top position if you don’t get any traffic.

2. Think About On-Page SEO Differently

Most of the same rules apply when you’re running a local business, but you do have to think about on-page SEO differently. If you run a shop you’ll want customers to find you, so include your town and ZIP code.

Some businesses are mobile and will cover large areas, so it gets a bit trickier. You should have a dedicated page for every area you work in. Obviously, focus on the pages where you pick up the most work.

3. Working with Other Local Businesses

Do you remember how the first blogs to pop up took advantage of blogrolls? It stopped working a few years ago, but webmasters would form a group and link to each other in the sidebar of their websites.

It’s a great tactic to use in Local SEO. I suppose it’s a bit like putting up posters for other local businesses in your store. You’ll just have to convince a group of business owners to link out to each other.

4. Business Details Must Be Consistent

You need to look really hard at your name, address, and phone number. These must be the exact same every time you mention them. Check all the pages on your website to make sure you haven’t messed up anywhere.

Also, if you add Schema markup to your website Google will know how your contact information should be displayed. Don’t forget your NAP should be identical every time you’re mentioned on other websites too.

5. Copy Citations Your Competitors Build

When you’re dealing with citations you shouldn’t stress out over it too much. Follow a simple strategy and you’ll be fine. Spend a decent amount of time going out and building your own citations.

The next part is all you need to stay ahead of the competition. Dig into all your competitors and copy their citations, which means you’ll always have more. There are a few fantastic tools you can use.

6. Start Optimizing for Voice Search Now

You’ll obviously know how keywords work by now. When someone types a word or phrase into Google, they’ll receive a page full of relevant results. It’s going to change a lot when voice search comes into full force.

People won’t speak the same way they type, so you’ll need to start thinking about the way you target your keywords. Aim for both straight away and you’ll be ahead of the competition when voice search becomes mainstream.

Sit Back and Watch Your Business Soar

Once you get all of these things right your profits should start shooting up. Hopefully, you’ve got staff doing most of the work, so you can sit back and enjoy yourself. It will be worth the hassle in the end.