Shipping and Receiving

Specialized Freighting and Shipping Explained

Whether you are curious about the vehicles you see carrying freight back and forth, or you have a potential business idea requiring regular shipping of goods, or perhaps you just have a big, old grandfather clock to move across the state.

We’re going to take a few minutes to just go over some of the irregular shipping services available to suit your various needs.

LTL Freight

LTL or Less Than Truckload shipping is something that not all couriers offer. It is nevertheless a service that is much needed. When you find a courier service that provides this you often encounter another problem.

Many services will wait until they have a full truckload to ship at once and when that happens all sense of timing goes out the door. If you need same day freight delivery it’s not impossible to find. Which brings us to the next thing…

Large Packages, Multiple Packages

Maybe it’s not complicated. Maybe you just need a number of pallets shipped or perhaps a large item that does not fit in a regular vehicle or weighs a lot.

In this situation, most courier companies should be able to provide you with the service you need. Just be sure to have all the dimensions measured out: length, height, width, and weight for the quote.

Boxes, pallets, individual packages of various shapes and sizes would fall under this category.

Overweight Cargo

Trucking cargo is not as simple as just plopping things on the truck bed. There are regulations and restrictions that trucking companies are subject to and as such many companies decline to carry items over a certain weight limit.

There are companies, however, who will apply for overweight permits and can then accommodate you but keep in mind that it will cost you extra to cover the permit fees.

When contacting the courier company, be sure to notify them upfront that you require overweight cargo services.

Furniture Delivery

Furniture is so expensive nowadays and a frequently reported issue with manufacturer and store delivery services is that furniture arrives damaged.

Apartments or homes with stairs are often turned down by such delivery services as well because of the inconvenience to the employees. This leaves you, as the client, without your paid-for merchandise.

Furniture delivery services that are professionals in the field will do an exceptional job of dropping off your furniture inside your home. Opting for reliable courier services to handle your next move will drastically simplify the task.

White-Glove Delivery

The key defining element of white glove delivery service is the heavy focus on client service and satisfaction. The delivery should be scheduled and delivered timeously, the client should not experience an ounce of stress during the procedure.

The service includes unpacking, removal of the packaging, set up and installation if needed. In addition, there should be a simple and easy way for the client to return anything they are not 100% happy with.

There’s no real limit on what can be shipped with white glove delivery service, however, there is more of a focus on high-value items, fragile furniture or simply unusually large items.

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