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10 Things You Should Be Tracking

Tracking your buzz is actually something which is becoming a lot more important over and continuously rise in importance in the future. Things are going social at this time and messages fly online in a million miles by hour. To be able to manage your status you have to track the best things, so here are some 10 stuff that you must have to become monitoring.

1. Business name – Clearly your business is among the most significant things you need to monitor. Any time your organization or goods are pointed out, you need to know. Ex. Google

2. Company URL – It’s also vital that you track your organization URL for individuals occasions if somebody links for your company but does not bring it up by name. This occurs a great deal and it is just a different way to make certain you’re covering all of your bases. Ex.

3. Public facing figures – Track what they are called associated with key employees inside your company which are public facing figures. What’s stated about these folks also reflects in your company in most cases if these individuals are spoken about your small business is tied along with that. Ex. Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin, Ray Page.

4. Product names – Track all of your company’s service or product names too. What exactly are people saying regarding your services and products? Ex. Gmail, Picasa, Dodgeball

5. Product URLs – For the similar reasons you need to particularly track your company’s URL it’s also wise to be tracking your products URLs too. Ex.,,

6. The “hangouts” – Including blogs, discussion boards, important players, consumer review sites, and other things that are associated with your industry. Many occasions the feedback, that you could uncover in the conversations at these “hangouts” can certainly help you improve your products or services. It’s also a way to interact together with your potential and existing customers. Ex.,,

7. Worker activity/blogs – Things the employees do online can impact your brand image. For those who have employees that blog, it’s best to a minimum of learning about their MySpace accounts, Flickr accounts, and private blogs. That does not mean that you ought to monitor the employees but you will have to monitor this stuff just in situation. It’s not considered spying when they already get this to stuff public. It may be safe to allow the employees know you watch this stuff. The greater well-known the employees would be the more essential this really is, many occasions these worker bloggers become company ambassadors. I have heard tales before where employers know a worker is quitting before she or he informs them simply because they blogged about this or use it MySpace. Ex.,,

8. Conversations – Are you currently tracking your comments ought to from blogs that are based on your business, URL, products, or another buzz? They are great possibilities where you can take part in conversations regarding your company. Tools for tracking comments include Commentful, coComment, and co.mments. Ex., http://world wide, http://world wide

9. Brand image – What’s the overall picture of your brand. Do people think you are evil? Or will they love what you are doing. Ex. http://world wide

10. Competitors – Track from 1-9 associated with your competition including business name, URLs, products, key employees, etc. Everything. You have to be prepared to move when any chance pops up. Ex. http://world wide,, http://world wide