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5 Lesser-Known Ways To Make More Money

Some people believe there are only three ways to grow your business. You can send more traffic to your website, increase your prices, or increase the lifetime value of your customers. Even if that was true it doesn’t tell you exactly what to do.

Ideally, you want little things you can take action on right now. If you follow them your profits should shoot up. It’s likely you already know lots of them, so we’re going to look at lesser-known tactics you can try. Don’t forget to keep track of your results.

1. Speed Up Your Website

Google will lose money if they don’t look after their customers, so they’ll do everything to improve their search experience. That means only sending them to websites fast enough to load within a few seconds.

Customers will stop using the search engine if they have to wait too long for content. You will need to make sure your hosting is fast enough. If Google bumps your site up a few spots you’ll make more sales.

2. Use Nofollow Links

I don’t think enough people spend time making their links nofollow unless they have lots of SEO experiences. Failure to do this means all your link juice will flow everywhere and hurt your rankings.

You don’t need any link juice flowing to your contact page, affiliate disclaimer, and private policy. It shouldn’t be flowing through your affiliate links. In WordPress you can do this in seconds.

3. You Need Good Uptime

Don’t sign up with a hosting provider unless they can guarantee good uptime. If you opt for a cheap company your website will be offline for ages every month. You can’t make any sales when customers can’t access it.

It’s better if you’re willing to invest a little extra in a good provider. They will ensure your website doesn’t disappear if you get too much traffic. Without it you’ll be scared to go viral.

4. Extra Email Signup Forms

Smart marketers will work hard to build an email list. They will keep working on the funnel until it’s got a good conversion rate. The copy on the signup form gets lots of love and attention too.

It’s a shame when you only see one form sitting in the sidebar. Sometimes websites have a big feature box too. If you scatter even more signup forms around the site in various places your list will grow.

5. Tweak Responsive Sites

A few years ago everyone was telling you responsive websites were crucial. Even though it was completely true it’s not enough. You’ll still be making less money when people visit your site on their phones.

If you want to maximize your profits you’ll need to start using a good editor like Thrive Architect. It will let you tweak responsive websites until they’re perfect. Your site will look even better on small screens.

It Won’t Take You Long To Sort These Out

If you test all of these tactics it could bring in a nice chunk of change every month. It’s great because it won’t take you long to sort them out. That is one of the magical things about making money online.