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5 Tips for Creating Team Spirit in Your Organization

Working as a unified team is vital for any organization, large or small, to function in the best way it possibly can. Whether in the office or a within a sports team, effective communication, respect, and openness between everyone involved is essential for achieving the desired end goal.

Here are the top tips from experts who have worked hard to consolidate their teams and have created successful organizations because of this. Find out how to build team identity, motivate your team to achieve goals, and treat yourselves for jobs well done.

Curate a Positive Company Culture

Like the head of any organization, it is primarily your job to set the vibe of the team. Do this by:

Maintaining a cheerful attitude

Looking on the bright side of issues

Enforcing an ‘open door’ rule, letting colleagues and peers know they can always come to you for help with their problems

Regular collaborative meetings where everyone is encouraged to pitch ideas

Resolving problems within the team tactfully and fairly

Praising people’s efforts and achievements


Recruit People Who Fit Your Culture

Of course, recruiting based on talent goes without saying; but when you have a choice between two people of equal skills, you want to go for the one who will fit in with and enhance your desired team spirit.

When interviewing or auditioning, make sure you ask people about their hobbies, interests, and experiences outside of work or sport. Choose happy, engaging, creative people with big ideas who can propel your organization to the top.

Create a Team Identity

A unified team should look like one as well! We’re not saying that every organization should implement a uniform, as this can dampen individuality, but a few symbols and traditions of team identity can help people to imagine that they work within a tangible unit.

Some ideas to help create your identity:

If you do need a uniform, like for a sports team or café staff, give each member a fun t-shirt or sweater with the organization’s logo on it and have it monogrammed with their initials. This makes people feel more like a valued part of the team, with something that is tailored to them. Contact companies that personalize garments, such as Monograma. They can embroider, screen print or add transfers to any team uniform.

Do you run a big organization with many members, who quite often don’t know each other? Take heed from social media management company HootSuite, who organized blind coffee dates between their 1,000 employees from different departments. People got to know each other, develop networks throughout departments, and thoroughly enjoyed making new friends. This is a fantastic solution to coalesce large teams. Give it a go!

Hold regular social events as well as work-related meetings. This will lessen social division and give everyone an informal chance to become bonded, thus strengthening your team.

Treat Your Team

People find morale in working towards things, getting on with peers, and knowing that their work means something and is valued. Treat your team for a job well done. Achievements need to be celebrated, and people work hard when they know there are recognition and reward at the end.

Think things like team cocktails on a Friday evening, a work meal, go-karting, takeaway pizza lunches, team-building trips to a different town… whatever works for your team’s budget and schedule!

Set Goals

Set out clear, realistic goals and timeframes for achieving these goals, so that everyone can have a sense of attainment and feel that they are bettering the team.

Try to set a new goal, whether big or small, each month – it will keep things fresh and exciting in your organization. Don’t be too hard on timeframes or deadlines though, if they’re not urgently important. The point is to encourage success, not incite disappointment.

Hopefully, each monthly goal will always be achieved if the team works together well – and that calls for a celebration!

  • These ways are very simple and very much useful, as a beginner level these helped me a lot thanks fore sharing these kinds of useful and knowledgeable information.

  • Tip 1: Unify the elements We started in the studio to warm up a little, making quick drawings of a still life we threw together. Instead of drawing every item apart from each other, we focused on the shape that is made out of little shapes, trying to unify the elements.

  • One of the advantages I have found for encouraging team spirit is its amazing long-term effects which includes better employee retention and well-being