Small Business Advice

App Ideas for the Businesses of Tomorrow

Smartphones are quite popular, which is part of the reason savvy small business owners need to cater to these business app ideasonline users. Now, you just have to figure out how to create an app that will cater to your audience and connect them to your business. The following are a few app ideas to consider.



Restaurant owners may want to tap into the group of health-conscious people. Some people are interested in eating healthier and look for specific ingredients. Perhaps you can create an app that allows your customers to customize their dishes with the ingredients they like and omit the ones they do not like.

You could let people know which ingredients are local as many people are concerned about the bioavailability of nutrients in a meal. You can inform your patrons of some of the meals or specials that will contain these ingredients. This could make seasonal meals an even better incentive for your restaurant.

Virtual Design Assistant

Another interesting app some businesses can consider is a virtual design assistant app. This app could work for a number of businesses like those that sell furniture, appliances, or interior design products. The cameras that come with these devices are getting better at capturing detail.

Its ability to capture detail makes virtual design assistant apps more efficient. What this app is going to do for your potential customers is help them visualize changes on their smartphone. As you know, being able to visualize changes can make customers more excited about purchasing the products or services you are offering.

One-Time Social Partner

One reason people opt against going to a restaurant, an entertainment center, or the movies is because they do not have anyone to go with. This is not to say that these individuals do not have friends, but perhaps these friends are not free at the time. You want to help these potential customers get to your establishment.

An interesting app to create is a social get-together. This app is going to connect people to others who are looking for someone to partner with. This app is going to help people come to your business without worrying about being there alone.

Granted, an app like this is quite complicated since it requires matching profiles and possibly using the GPS location system to make the connection, which means you’ll probably need AWS programmers for hire to make sure there are no glitches. Professional app builders can help you develop the app that you want to offer.

Fashion Forward

Fashion designers and boutiques that have fashion designers in-store may want to consider creating an app that allows users to use these services from the comfort of their phone. The idea is to take a photograph that allows designers to study a person’s body type and customer’s style interest. After a short period of time, the designer will be able to make suggestions to this potential customers.

The suggestions will likely include clothes that are sold at your boutique, which should help get people to your store. Of course, those who are simply fashion designers might be hired as personal stylists from time to time. This is just another way to take advantage of some of the improved camera features on newer smartphones.

Deal Pusher

Those who have sales or giveaways periodically to entice new customers may want to create an app that connects to people near your store through GEO-fencing. This technology allows smartphone GPS technology to detect your store and push advertisements to a device.

Of course, your giveaway or deal has to be enticing enough for these individuals to stop by and take advantage. Still, this technology helps you reach more potential customers than you might have before.

Hopefully, some of these app ideas match your business. Most of these are relatively complicated. You are going to need a dedicated and professional team to help you develop the app, but smartphone users are expecting more from businesses. This means that you have to be prepared to ensure that your app does deliver.