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Best Sites to Help for Small Business Owners

Starting your own business is a tough task and to run it is all the even harder. It requires continuous efforts on the part of the business owner.

Thankfully, the technology is developed to the extent that it provides an easy access to a variety of tools and support to the small business owners to help them guide through.

Here are our top 12 picks of the best websites for help for small business owners:

  1. Facebook for Business– Social media is one of the platforms that any business owner looks forward to. If used correctly, it can do miracles. It provides access to various case studies and strategies that other business owners are using. It also offers some great insights on different ways to reach out to more customers who can often turn into leads or a larger customer base.

    Best Sites for Help for Small Business Owners Facebook
  1. Google and Your Business –The blog offers plenty of information, tips and tricks that you can use to for your business. It educates how to market your business through Google and how it can get to rank high on search results.

    Best Sites for Help for Small Business Owners
    Best Sites for Help for Small Business Owners
  1. Huffington Post Small Business– It gives you concrete information and is a perfect resource for the untold stories of many businesses. If you are limited on time and need broad perspective on what exactly is happening in the business, this is the website to check out.
Best Sites for Help for Small Business Owners Entrepreneur
  1. Entrepreneur – This is the website that caters to the entrepreneurs and what it exactly means to be your own boss. It covers the information on start-up, managing and leading teams and on franchising. It has Entrepreneur Coaching, tutorials and various videos to help you with your business. It even offers a platform to ask questions, if any, to an Entrepreneur. What else can one want? Isn’t it?
  1. Best Sites for Help for Small Business Owners

    SCORE– SCORE is a non-profit organization and has a vast database of amazing mentors who have plenty of experience to share and give expert business counselling. You can even meet their expert in person. You can also subscribe to their newsletter program wherein you can very well select the level of information and mentoring that your want.

  1. Small Business Administration– It is a government branch that helps entrepreneurs with their start-ups and expansion. It also provides funding in the form of loans & grants. It has various regional offices within the country to aid locally.

    Best Sites for Help for Small Business Owners SBA
    Small Business Administration
  1. Small Business Trends – It is an online publication for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is the website that will help you take action on your business. Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need.
  1. Best Sites for Help for Small Business Owners Fast CompanyFast Company – It is all about how innovatively today the businesses are using the cloud and big data to stay in sync. It covers everything from the latest trends in social media marketing to how brands and businesses are replicating. It also offers insights from successful entrepreneurs on the go.
  1. Bplans – Bplans is the complete guide to business planning. It provides access to hundreds of business plan templates and has the library of more than 500 free sample business plans. Bplans provides help through various interactive and practical advice by the panel of experts.
  1. Freshbooks – Freshbooks makes your accounting task easy, fast & secure. You can send invoices, track time and capture expenses in minutes. It provides quick access to your data round the clock.
  1. Growthink’s Business Plan Writing Services help entrepreneurs develop business plans to start or grow their ventures. They also offer business plan templates for those who would like to develop their plans themselves.
Best Sites for Help for Small Business Owners Linked In
Linked In
  1. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a social mediaforum with the world’s largest professional network.  You can get in touch with a wide network of business contacts and get connected to millions of prospective clients by explaining your business model or can as well hire employees for your business.

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