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Glenn Sandler, CPA, of G.I. Tax Service Talks Franchise Leadership: 5 Ways to Develop Your Skills

Running any business is not easy, and that includes running a franchise that already has a successful business model in place and has a proactive franchisor that offers its franchisees training, equipment, and the advantage of an already established brand.
Running a business, especially one with one or more employees, isn’t easy because being a leader isn’t easy. A leader must have “people” skills, be able to lead by example, communicate clearly with employees, be fair, and make the tough decisions when necessary.

It’s not true that “leaders are born, not made.” Everyone can rise to a leadership position if they are willing to put the work into developing the skills they need and put themselves in a position to succeed.
So, let’s look at some ways for the owner of a franchise to position him or herself to be a good leader, and take actions that define what a leadership role is.

1. Develop a vision for your business and share it with your employees

You might think the vision for your business is self-explanatory – you want to make a profit! But it isn’t quite as simple as that. Even a franchise in a good location might not make a profit in its first year – typically it takes five years for the franchise to develop a clientele that will keep it in the black. It’s necessary to have a plan to continue working toward that goal of profitability but still maintain a happy workforce by providing perks such as a free team-building lunch once a month, or going bowling as a team activity, etc.

2. You’re the owner of the franchise, but do you have to be the leader?

Leadership skills can be learned, as we’ve said, but what if you don’t enjoy being that go-to person all the time? Consider hiring a manager who will take all the day-to-day responsibilities of leadership off your hands. Then all you need to do is provide a cheerful presence and work on those team-building activities that do a great deal to keep employees motivated.

3. Choose good employees

One of the hardest things for a franchise owner to do is go through the hiring process and choose one or more people needed for the business. A solution may be to employ a hiring service who can vet potential candidates and ensure they have the skills you require before you do the final interview. Make sure you list all the education and certification requirements you’ll need when you reach out to agencies.

4. Develop good leadership KPI

Key Performance Indicators are things that are measurable and include being able to delegate authority rather than trying to do things on your own. It also includes making sure you communicate with your employees regarding any new updates to company policies, as well as giving performance reviews, and ensuring that employees have a chance to grow by providing on-the-job training and continuing training opportunities to enhance their personal growth.

5. Arrange for your own continuing education

Whether you’re a newbie when it comes to being a leader or you have experience as a team manager, now that you’re in business for yourself the leadership skills you need will differ. The best way to acquire those skills or brush up on your skills is to attend leadership conferences and read the best books available on the subject. When you run your own business, you’re always learning. Have an open mind, and prepare to be amazed at what you can accomplish.
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