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Holiday Claims Expert – “How I Made My Business a Success in Uncertain Times”

Holiday Compensation Expert Talks about the Stigma Behind his Business

Imagine you save up for months for a holiday in the sun with your family. You find a package holiday somewhere nice and warm and it promises the world – “all food covered – we take care of everything” – great.

So you pack your bags and head for sea and sand, and it all seems like a bargain – until you try the provided food, – seafood left in warm temperatures or badly cooked meat due to the carelessness of the tour provider. Instead of the relaxing break you had planned, you spend your time in the bathroom with crippling and very unpleasant food poisoning.

The stigma behind holiday claims

Now here’s the real problem. It is not the fact that there are holiday sickness type companies out there who are helping holidaymakers claim compensation. It’s the fact that there are so many of them which are encouraging travellers to make false claims to make money. This is the real problem, and this is what has created the stigma for the rest of the holiday claims businesses who are doing things legitimately.

As reported in the British nationals, there are some cowboy firms who are travelling around holiday resorts in an ambulance, trying to coach tourists into making sickness claims.

“This makes life very difficult for those genuine people who have had a nightmare experience and are eligible for claiming honest compensation” – says Hassan Ansari, owner of Rochdale firm, Holiday Claims Expert.

“We have clients approaching us who have had honeymoons ruined, or retired couples going on a break who end up being violently sick because their food hadn’t been cooked properly. These are real cases and legitimate causes for concern, and I believe they should indeed be entitled to claim.”

“It bothers me that there is such a stigma behind this now. It’s unfair on those who really deserve it.”

Holiday sickness claims companies like Hassan’s are a plenty, but less and less are making it to success due to the ongoing stigma.

Causes of holiday sickness

Salmonella is one of the causes of food poisoning that has been taking hold of unfortunate holidaymakers. Salmonella is a bacterium that can be found in dairy products, meat and fish and can cause severe gastrointestinal problems including diarrhea and violent bouts of vomiting.

When left untreated, Salmonella food poisoning can progress into more serious symptoms requiring hospital treatment, and causing long lasting effects.

Legally, a holidaymaker can be eligible to claim if:

  • The package holiday that you booked turned out to be a lesser value, for example, a luxurious suite turned out to be a standard hotel room which was nothing like the photos.
  • There was an extra and unexpected expense that was not mentioned in the booking.
  • You arrive on your holiday to find out that something has gone wrong. Legally, this is if something causes “distress or disappointment.”
  • You’ll only be able to get the full cost of the holiday back if it was completely ruined.

Holiday compensation may not be possible if:

  • Your holiday was unenjoyable due to something outside of everyone’s control, for example, the weather.
  • Compensation was already claimed while you were away.

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