Delivery man delivers a pizza ordered on an online food ordering app.
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How to Keep Food Fresh During Deliveries

Restaurants have their work cut out for them when it comes to health and hygiene. They have to meet a certain set of rules and regulations to ensure that they are meeting the requirements to remain open. 

While food is being prepared on-site, refrigerators, ice boxes and the appropriate food storage equipment is used to maintain the quality of the food. When it comes to restaurant deliveries, however, quality control is a little more difficult.

We are currently using restaurant ordering apps and delivery services more frequently due to the stay-at-home restrictions of the pandemic. If a restaurant business has a restaurant ordering app, they can expect an increased amount of orders, as well as more efficiency and a more organized system.  

While these restaurant ordering applications may definitely benefit your restaurant, it comes with the additional responsibility to keep food as fresh as possible. With this in mind, here is everything you need to keep your food fresh during delivery.

Coolers and Insulated Bags

Putting food in an insulated bag will either keep it cold or keep it warm. 

The walls of coolers and insulated bags are thick, and the insulation allows the piping hot food to remain as hot as possible while it’s in transit. For ice cream and dessert deliveries, the reverse is also true, with the food being kept as cold as possible as it is transported to its destination.

Separate Foods

Some meals may include foods that are supposed to be kept at different temperatures. Trying to transport those meals is a little more difficult. Ice cream, for example, is not going to stay cold when it’s pressed up against hot pizza boxes. It’ll melt, and then refreeze and lose its quality. The hot food will also then be cooler because it’s been pressed against the cold food- not ideal for customers ordering a hot meal. 

With separate insulated bags for hot food and cold food, food will remain fresh during the delivery process.

Heat Packs

Heat packs are great for packing around containers of hot food. The hot packs’ radiant heat will ensure that the hot food maintains its just-cooked temperature for longer and arrives at the customer’s location hot. 

If you want to have good reviews for your restaurant delivery services, delivering hot food is a must!

Consider Packaging

The quality of your food depends on your packaging. Hot packaged food tends to sweat, but if you use cardboard or aluminium, you can largely avoid this. The condensation caused by the steam from the hot food can make it soggy and this reduces the quality of the food, so avoid things like plastic wrap and other materials that don’t absorb condensation.

Turn Off the Car AC

Delivering in an air-conditioned car is comfortable for you, but may not be ideal for the food. Keep the car at a manageable temperature- not too hot or cold either way, and you’ll be able to keep food fresh. 

If you turn on the passenger seat heater, you can put a container or bag of hot food on top and allow it to keep the food warm as you travel.