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How to Make Office Time Fun While Staying Productive

The days of employees having the attention span to sit down and hammer out work are far gone. Studies have shown that small breaks to walk around or even chat can help boost productivity. The moral of the office also plays an important part in productivity as a boring office can be seen as oppressive.

Plenty of startups have mitigated this problem by making the office hip or fun in some respect. A favorite of many offices is playing ping pong in the break room or throwing parties for random holidays like national taco day. The following are ideas to keep the office fun while keeping employees productive.

Theme Weeks

Theme weeks can be a fun little distraction that does not impact productivity very much. A few laughs can be had about the crazy leggings somebody wore or a costume that they wore to work. Company parties kill productivity for the day but doing something during lunch time to show off the different things being worn is always good for a laugh. Star

Wars weeks are a favorite in the tech community with some people going even buying and bringing in their UltraSabers Custom Lightsabers which can be mistaken for the real thing! Give out prizes like a free lunch to those with the best costumes to get a bit of competition involved in the dressing up.

Provide Lunch Once Weekly

The staff getting to know one another can foster a sense of teamwork immensely. It can also help improve communication as staff members won’t feel uncomfortable asking a person they regularly have conversations with about non-work specific material. Providing a free lunch helps encourage everyone to eat together and can help cut down on those longer lunches the more entitled employees seem to take regularly. This perk is extremely valuable especially for those just out of college that barely have enough money to manage to eat.

Turn Work Into a Competition

Turning work into a contest of some kind can bring out the best in a variety of staff members. A sales team could be competing against another sales team and will crank out a few extra sales with the help of the entire team. Giving a perk like a few extra work from home days to a team can mean the world to many employees. The employees will not take advantage of these days as they will not want them taken away due to lack of work. Give expectations for those working from home so they do not decide to simply respond when they are emailed instead of doing actual work.

Initiatives That Help Staff Bond

Health initiatives can be great for staff to take part in whether it is a workout in the parking lot before or after work. This will give the staff something to bond over and support each other in that isn’t work-related. The better shape the staff is in will help boost numbers and can even reduce health insurance costs for the company. This could be from taking the stairs instead of the elevator or even having the company provide lunch daily so they can impact what the staff is eating.

A gift card for new clothing after a staff member has lost weight is a great way to motivate someone who has performed to the best of their ability. We spend more time with our coworkers than our families so personal investment in these relationships can help take a company to the next level. Employees that feel like they are cared about as more than a paycheck will have more loyalty to a company which reduces employee turnover.

Have a little more fun in the office on a daily basis and see the spirits of the entire staff lift. This does not mean work cannot be getting done but rather the environment is more relaxed as this is how certain employees thrive. Keep staff improving on a daily basis and watch business skyrocket!