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Philip Rodrigs Supports Small Companies with A Considered Approach

Raynar Portfolio Management (RPM) is a U.K. based boutique investment firm with a specialised focus on small-sized companies. Founder, CEO, and Portfolio Manager at Raynar Portfolio Management, Philip Rodrigs has had a long career in helping connect clients with small business investments that yield demonstrable long-term results.

Recently, RPM shared its investment strategies describing why the company prefers investing in small-sized companies, expressing the opportunities that lie within smaller firms and how it analyses data and performance charts through active fund management.

Outperforming Large Firms

Raynar Porfolio Management understands that there are attractive investment opportunities across all markets and the organisation’s tailored approach to creating building blocks for small-sized companies to flourish is what makes RPM unique. 

Rodrigs has a personal passion for focusing on striving to optimise client interests and outcomes. He and his team trust, through proven methodologies, that small business investment opportunities can yield greater results than those investments placed in medium or large company options.  

Long term data compiled from the London Business School reveals the remarkable long-term performance by the smallest listed UK firms. The data shows that the smallest firms have outperformed the largest firms by an eye-opening rate of 13 times greater. For example, the study shows that £1 invested in the smallest two percent by value of the UK market in 1955 compounded to £21,516 by the end of 2019. 

A Client-Centered Approach 

Raynar Portfolio Management is focused on its clients and their best interests. The firm as a whole is geared around a passionate belief that active management is attractive. This approach allows them to select the best investments most effectively for each portfolio. 

Choosing the right small company to invest in can create exponential rewards for the investor. Rodrigs believes that the smaller the company, the easier for the company to grow. As the small company becomes bigger, they can gain economies of scale, which helps to enhance margins and accelerate profit growth. The successful growth of these small companies will gain investor interest, significantly expanding the company’s valuation. 

UK Smaller Companies have performed strongly since mid-2006, despite the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. Rodrigs’ career track record demonstrates the value of striving to select the most attractive investment opportunities for his clients. In keeping with his proven procedures, and a moral and ethical commitment to being completely focused on his clients, Philip Rodrigs is sure to make Raynar Portfolio Management one of the leaders in small company investments.

About Philip Rodrigs

Philip Rodrigs is an award-winning Chartered Financial Analyst with almost two decades of investment experience. In early 2020, Rodrigs founded Raynar Portfolio Management (RPM), a portfolio management firm that specialises in investments amongst smaller sized firms, taking a considered and analytical approach focused on client outcomes. He joined the professional investment industry in 2002 as a Trainee Fund Manager with Invesco Perpetual. Shortly thereafter, he joined T Rowe Price International specialising in U.K. and European small cap stocks. 

Rodrigs held a long tenure with Investec Asset Management as U.K. Smaller Companies and U.K. Alpha Fund Manager, and U.K. Blue Chip Co-Fund Manager. In almost nine years with Investec Asset Management, he was twice named Investment Week U.K. Smaller Companies Manager of the Year in both 2010 and 2011. In 2012, Rodrigs was awarded the prestigious title of Morningstar’s Outstanding Rising Talent in which he was chosen from a pool of all fund managers in London.

Before founding RPM, Rodrigs held the title Partner, U.K. Equities at River and Mercantile Group where he earned the Financial Express U.K. Smaller Companies Alpha Fund Manager of the Year in 2016.Philip Rodrigs studied Economics and Management at Lincoln College, Oxford University and grew up in Nottingham, U.K. He often notes that when you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Rodrigs currently resides in London and enjoys scuba diving, skiing, driving, and global travel. 

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