Small Business Advice

Small Business Ideas for College Students

Are you looking for some ways to get an additional income after college classes? While there are a lot of different business ideas for 2020 to choose from, we’ve listed down a few suitable for students. Grab any of them and try to start a business now!

Ideas for Bloggers

Do you like spending all the free time online and sharing your thoughts with followers? Turn a hobby into a strong business with ease. Engage people by posting captivating shots or publishing new articles and receive a reward.

Video Creation

Do you enjoy creating videos that collect a significant amount of views on YouTube, this idea is perfect for you! Briefly, it is simple! Just analyze competitors in your niche and explore some tips on how to create the best videos. After this, you can begin creating videos and making them available online.

Once, your video-channel gets a particular quantity of views. You can participate in the Google Partner program and get money by showing commercials in your videos. It’s amazing!

Moreover, the Internet brings the possibility to perform live streams and collect donations online. It is a great option that foresees the ability to play video games and earn money at the same time.

Blog on Social Media

Do you have thousands of likes under your posts on Instagram or Facebook? If so, you can start offering cooperation to other bloggers or businesses.

Simply, keep your audience updated and publish promoted posts a few times a week to get income! For starters, check out this guide and discover great tools for bloggers.

Ideas for Tech-Savvy Students

Do you like computers and know how to set up Linux or Windows software? If yes, it’s about time to try yourself in a tech niche! Scroll down and find some small business ideas that will help you to earn money by using your computer skills.

Tech Support

Doubtless, there are a lot of users in your area who need help with their computers, printers, or cell phones. Are experienced enough to resolve common tech-related problems?

If so, it will be easy to earn money for you! For instance, you can provide both online and offline help upon a request.

Web Development Firm

Do you like coding? Try to complete some orders on freelance platforms! Moreover, you can create software products like website templates or plugins for content management systems.

The online platforms that sell digital products and share the revenue upon a sale will help you to run a business with no effort. 

After all, you can create your website developing company. Consequently, you’ll be the only one who manages and completes orders!

App Developing Agency

The app development niche is a fast-growing industry. Check the future of mobile applications here. Due to this fact, you can try yourself into the app or game development.

If you have a great idea, there is nothing complicated! Just create an application and upload it to the App Store or Play Market. 

For example, you can develop an application that will help those students who are always asking their friends on “who can do my homework for me?”

Ideas for Handy Teenagers

Some students have a great talent to create catchy things by themselves. If you are one of them, you can start using your crafting skills to get income.

Create Garden Decorations

Homeowners like enhancing their lawns with alluring things that attract attention. Do not miss a chance to launch a successful garden decoration business. 

For starters, you need to craft some models or ornaments. After this, start selling them online or create a local corner shop. Also, you can offer lawn care services to your consumers. This guide will be helpful to those who want to start a gardening business.

Craft Clothes

Everyone wears clothes. However, almost anyone wants to look unequal. If you’re good at creating catchy apparel, this is the best business to start in college for you! 

Moreover, you can obtain custom offers and craft clothes for special events.

Ideas for Responsible Students

Some spheres require honest and reliable workers. If you don’t like to let people down, you may grab any of the ideas below and start earning money. 

Pet Sitting 

Almost all pets need 24/7 care. Unfortunately, pet owners cannot bring their favorites to a voyage or business trip. Become a savior and get an additional income! It is super easy! Just take care of animals and have a great time! 

Child Caretaking 

Help parents to allocate some time for visiting a doctor, doing sports, etc. It is simple! Taking care of kids is an excellent idea if you are a cheerful person who knows how to interact with children. It’s the best business to start with little money!

Ideas for Hard Working Learners

If you work hard and achieve excellent results in study or sports, do not hesitate to use your skills to get money. All the ideas in this chapter are simple and easy. However, they can help you to start a successful business. 


If you have particular skills or knowledge, you can share them and earn money! Both online and offline tutoring services are highly required. Try a teaching role and help people to gain their skills or improve their knowledge. It’s as easy as ABC.

Student Help Services 

Doubtless, it is challenging to be an excellent student. A lot of learners need help with writing essays. If you are good at creating breathtaking assignments, you can offer college papers help. Rescue your mates helping them to boost their grades and receive your reward!

Check out the required communication skills for a professional writer to gain your student help business. 

Last Word for Young Entrepreneurs

For sure, running a business is a complicated process. It requires a lot of effort and problem-solving skills. Therefore, try to turn your hobby into a business and earn money by doing your favorite things. 

After all, I want to wish you success and good luck!