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Three Strategies for Hiring the Right Talent While Running Your Business Abroad

Whether you’re a digital nomad that turned their budding business into an empire or simply decided to start your business abroad, having an international reach of talent is always a plus.

That being said, hiring can be somewhat difficult when you don’t have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with your potential new employees.

While there’s nothing wrong with letting others do the legwork for you in terms of hiring, it’s always nice to have at least some stake in the choice of who’s going to help you grow your business, right? After all, being the head of a company does not mean you have to be totally hands-off in terms of hiring.

So, what are some solid strategies for ensuring that your company hires the best talent possible? Consider the following whether you’re looking for new hires yourself or you have delegated the task to someone else internally.

Do Your Homework

The booming remote economy is indeed a blessing for those of us running our businesses abroad. Likewise, there’s no shortage of options for us to learn about potential new hires thanks to the modern web. For example, consider quick and efficient ways to learn more about applicants such as…

  • Social sleuthing: there’s a lot you can glean from someone’s social media presence, including how involved they are with your industry and whether or not they already have a massive network
  • Running a national background check: establishing trust from the word “go” is an absolute must as background checks ensure that your hires don’t have any holes in their personal or professional histories
  • A quick Google search: between finding your potential hire’s website and examining other aspects of their online presence, you can determine whether or not they’re the real deal

Rely on Referrals

Perhaps the easiest way to find new talent is to rely on your own network versus trying to cast the widest net possible. If there are others within your industry whose judgment you trust that can recommend former team-members or someone they happen to know through the grapevine, simply start there. Relying on referrals can ultimately save you time and energy rather than trying endlessly hunt for talent via job boards or social media.

Hop on a Call

There’s no better way to figure out whether or not someone is a good fit for your team than simply by talking to them. Whether through a Skype call or real-time phone conversation, asking the right questions of your potential hires can give you peace of mind as you figure out whether or not they’re quick on their feet. After all, it’s easy to prepare canned responses via email or text.

Likewise, you can learn a thing or two about your interviewees’ personalities via a real-time conversation. Sometimes it’s more important to hire someone who you feel like you get along with versus “the perfect candidate” on paper.

Hiring new talent while working abroad may seem like a hassle; however, these tips can make hiring a painless process. By properly vetting your potential hires, you can bring new blood onto your team with a sense of confidence versus worrying about whether or not they’ll work out.