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Way to Cut Cost for Your Restaurant

Cutting costs for your restaurant can be an important part of seeing it through more challenging times. There are some simple ways for you to cut costs. 

Reduce Food Waste

If you are noticing an excessive amount of food being wasted each week, then you are watching your money be thrown out. A regular restaurant will waste up to 75,000 pounds of food each year. That is a lot. You can cut your food waste by:

  • Preparing your food to a strict list. This means that each chef will get a strict list of items that need to be prepared each day. Just because you have 650 carrots doesn’t mean they all need to be prepped right now. 
  • Using a digital inventory tool can spot ordering trends and give you suggested purchase amounts, preventing overordering.
  • Using foods that are a bit past their prime. Foods that are still edible but not beautiful can be turned into kimchi, sauces, croutons, and other items.

Source Local

Using local suppliers can cut the transportation costs and storage costs of your food. Not only that but the food will be fresher too, saving money while also improving the quality of what you serve. 

Reduce Staff Turnover

A happy staff stays longer. The higher your staff turnover, the longer you are going to spend training new people, and the higher those costs will rise. Reward high-performing staff and celebrate greatness. Give them a reason to stay through training, teaching, praise, and bonuses. 

Use Digital Menus Instead of Printing

Digital menus are a big money saver. These appeal to a younger, more tech-savvy crowd but also make everything easier and cheaper. Each menu costs money, and they typically get ruined pretty quickly. Having a digital menu avoids all of those costs. You can extend this further and use digital signage too. 

Energy-efficient Light Bulbs

Lighting is a huge cost in every restaurant. One of the fastest ways to save money and keep saving for the years to follow is by switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs. Look for programs that will reward your restaurant for using energy-efficient goods and actively reducing their energy usages. 

Unplug appliances

There are some appliances that need to be kept plugged in and others that don’t need to be. Have a check at the end of each day and unplug kettles, cookers, lamps, and everything that isn’t essential. These are known as energy vampires and contribute a significant amount to your monthly energy bills. 

Upgrade to efficient appliances

Old appliances can eat up electricity because they aren’t as efficient as newer models. Energy-efficient fridges are designed to hold temperature better, and even an energy-efficient commercial grill can make a huge difference. The right grill can also reduce AC usage, saving even more. 

Every year there are new initiatives, tools, and apps that can help restaurants reduce their overall costs. This can be done by taking a close look at food waste, the efficiency of appliances, treating staff fairly, and going digital. 

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