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Why You Should Stay in a Serviced Apartment When Traveling for Business

If you’re someone who travels regularly as part of their job, you will understand what a nightmare it can be to find the right accommodation.

A hotel is the most obvious choice, but they aren’t for everyone, especially if you’re going to be staying awhile.

Today, you also have the option of an Airbnb, which enables you to stay in someone else’s vacant property, and you can find some excellent spots this way.

However, while every option has its advantages and drawbacks, we think that the best option, all things considered, is the serviced apartment. Let us walk you through why.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

One of the key advantages of staying in a serviced apartment, for many people, is that they provide lodgers with access to a full kitchen and self-catering facilities.

If you’re someone who enjoys cooking for themselves at home, then this is a very welcome feature indeed; it gives you complete control over what you eat and when, and also gives you the means to cook up your favorite comfort food.

If you are visiting an area with a view to opening a new branch of your business, or perhaps to relocate altogether, having your own kitchen gives you a chance to sample the local supermarkets and other amenities.

Depending on the location in question, there might even be a local farmers market or shops selling cuisine and ingredients from all around the world.

Whether you are just passing through or you are scouting out the area with long-term plans for your business, you can learn a lot about a place simply through buying your own ingredients and making your own food.

Extra Space and Convenience

Compared to a hotel room, a serviced apartment will provide you with much more space to kick back and relax.

According to the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers, the average serviced apartment provides guests with up to 30% more space than a standard hotel room in the same area.

This is quite a difference, especially if you are someone who gets claustrophobic easily.

With all that extra space comes a good deal of extra convenience as well. If you are going to be bringing a lot of luggage and or equipment with you on your trip, then the more space you have, the more comfortable you are going to be.

And even if you don’t really need all that space, it’s certainly nice to know it’s there. Sometimes, all you want to do is chill out and relax in front of the TV, which is a lot more fun when you can really stretch out.

More Privacy Than a Hotel

Hotels definitely have their place, and they can be a very nice way to spend the duration of your trip if you pick the right one.

The main drawback to staying in a hotel is that you usually need to be prepared to share the space with a bunch of strangers – no one can truly relax while they are surrounded by people that they don’t know.

When you rent a serviced apartment, you are surrounded by other apartments, making for a much more relaxed atmosphere than a hotel.

There are is also generally a smaller number of apartments in a complex than there are rooms in a hotel.

Cost Savings

The cost of a serviced apartment can be misleading. In most cases, a serviced apartment will cost you more than a hotel room will, plus you have to factor in your self-catering costs.

However, when you compare the amount that you pay per square meter of space you get, the value is undeniable.

If you do it right, self-catering can be much cheaper than a hotel restaurant and is definitely going to be cheaper than eating out every night.

Just like cooking for yourself at home, the quality of your grub in a serviced apartment will be up to your standard. Check out these simple meals for self-catering stays for inspiration.

With a full kitchen at your disposal, it really is up to you what you eat – you can truly go all-out on your cooking if you choose.

Perfect for Extended Stays

Not only will you get a better rate per square meter of space, but if you are going to be staying for an extended period (usually 28 days or more), you can also often secure additional discounts when staying in a serviced apartment.

Hotels don’t tend to offer these rates or this kind of value. Because serviced apartments more closely resemble a dwelling than a hotel room, on a psychological level they are much more pleasant for long stays.

Prime Locations

You will find serviced apartments located in prime locations, wherever they are.

Serviced apartments tend to be located within city centers; they are a popular accommodation option for traveling businesspeople and so are generally located near to where the action is.

In most cities, that means a space in the heart of the city.

For example, take a look at Dream Apartments, found at They offer serviced apartments in Belfast, Liverpool, and Newcastle.

In each case, the apartments themselves, which are marketed for business travel, are buried deep in the heart of each city.

Hotels are big and cumbersome buildings and are generally located just outside the city center in order to minimize noise and traffic.

Serviced apartments are well insulated so that the hustle and bustle of the city center don’t become an issue for you.


Serviced apartments, by their very nature, tend to be more secure than a regular hotel, or most other forms of accommodation.

You can also expect there to be CCTV around the premises and often a security team on-site as well. You probably won’t notice it’s there from the comfort of your room, but you can rest easy knowing that you are protected.

Whenever you are traveling to a major city on business, it is always worth checking to see if you have the option of staying in a serviced apartment.

If you are going to be staying for 28 days or more, then the potential savings make this choice a no-brainer.