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SEO Basics for Small Businesses – Drive Traffic From Rankings

SEO Basics For Small Businesses

Small businesses depend on a strong customer base for their success, but many are struggling to navigate the transition to a digital economy. Limited resources and knowledge give to an underwhelming degree of performance in search engine ranking for small business owners. This catch 22 situation where business people need a website that ranks to drive customers, but are afraid to pay for top-tier SEO work for fear that it will not produce the results they are looking for. However, this inactivity when it comes to marketing themselves online makes it nearly impossible for the business to realize their earning potential. Because of this, our friends at a SEO company in Jacksonville ( have put together a few basic tips for new business owners unsure of what to do with their website.

SEO Basics For Local SEO

SEO Basic 1 – Website Audit and Check
The first step is to make sure that your website is working the way it should be. This means no pages that result in 404 errors, ensuring that the site has not been hacked, being positive that all the on page factors like titles and tags are filled out properly, no ‘thin’ pages that have little to no content on them, and that the site loads quickly. In short, every business should have the kind of website that they expect when they search for something online, because to most website visitors, your site is your business.
SEO Basic 2 – Social Marketing Setup
The next stage in your company’s digital marketing journey is to look into the various social networking platforms available. Not every social network is right for every business. For instance, if your market is composed of senior citizens, or if you sell a product/service that does not lend itself to frequent updates, then sites like Twitter and Pinterest are probably not where you would want to focus your efforts. However, let us say you are an interior designer, then it would make a great deal of sense to be on sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, which cater to visually oriented people. But selling a product like gravel or mulch by trying to capture a large Twitter audience may not be the best use of your time and money.


Last SEO Basic For Small Business Tip – Relationship Development
The last stage is to develop a relationship with the people who visit your site and follow you on social media. How do you do this? One of the easiest ways is to give something away for free in return for an e-mail address. This is what online advertisers referred to as ‘building your list’, because once people give you permission to send them e-mail, it is much easier to get their attention with deals and new products that your company is offering.

SEO Basics for Small Businesses - Drive Traffic From Rankings
Perfect Brew to Drive Traffic From Rankings

The rule, however, is to give more than you expect to receive. The best way to think of this is to offer them something of value at least three times before asking them to buy from you. So if you are a dermatologist in Florida, why not offer people a free guide about how to enjoy this summer without damaging their skin? This is the kind of thing that people not only benefit from, but are also willing to share with their friends. Then, you could put an article or two on your website where you review some of the prevalent myths surrounding skin care. Finally, you can offer on your social media channels, a 15% discount for patients who use a code when making a new appointment, that way you can see how effective your reach is on your various social media channels. One way to add to this is to use a different code on each social media channel, which would allow you to discover the one that has the highest conversion rate.
Expectations For Your Local Digital Marketing Agency
Given that most full-time business owners do not have time to manage their website, set up their social media, publish new articles, and check the effectiveness of different marketing channels online, it makes sense to talk to a local digital marketing agency about your businesses needs. Hopefully this guide will give you some idea for what you should expect from the company you decide to engage.

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