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5 Business Industries That Will Be Large in 2018

As 2017 draws to a close, analysts are already looking ahead to 2018 trying to predict the next big trends. One of the most discussed topics is what industries will be the biggest next year. Which industries will either continue to grow or pull ahead of the pack?

There are actually a few that are showing plenty of promise for 2018 and are looking to be huge leaders in the economy. Here’s a look at the top five business industries predicted to hit it big in 2018.

Energy and Power Sector

As industry around the world continues to grow and expand, so does the need for power systems. With oil production being too unpredictable as well as with energy prices soaring, there’s a lot of focus on finding better ways to handle the energy demands of the world. This is exactly why the energy and power sector is set to have another big year in 2018.

From massive global companies to companies such as Lindberg Process Equipment who specialize in energy and combustion systems for the mining and industrial fields, there will be a lot of money spent on research, development, and implementing better systems.

Healthcare Technology

The healthcare industry is one that has gone through absolutely massive changes over the past few decades thanks to the advancements in technology. Technology has actually driven this industry into all new areas that most wouldn’t have even thought possible just 20 years ago. These innovations are now making it possible for medical professionals to better diagnose patients, go about surgical procedures, monitor patients, and improve patient care in general.

Virtual Reality Technology

While virtual reality isn’t a new technology, it has had a bit of slow climb. When it was first introduced on the market, it was limited in its uses and was also an extremely expensive technology.

Today innovators are looking for new doors to open with VR technology so that it moves past the video gaming industry. The technology is now being used in marketing, education, job training, safety testing, and even therapy. It’s expected that by the year 2021, the augmented reality and virtual reality revenues will be $75 billion.

Military Technology: Drones

With President Donald Trump announcing “historic” U.S. military spending boosts, you can bet that some of that money will go into new technology. One of the most exciting areas for military technology right now is with drones. This technology is quickly becoming more affordable, more advanced, and more user-friendly making it ideal for the military to use in all kinds of different ways.


Finally, there’s the biotechnology field that has been growing year after year. This industry touches upon many others such as industry, agriculture, medicine, and more. Biotechnology aims to take current methods and systems and make them more effective and beneficial. There have been many ground-breaking discoveries in this industry.

A Big Year Ahead

This is just a small look at the industries that are set to have a big year in 2018. There’s no doubt that there’s plenty to get excited about especially with the coming developments and changes in the above industries!

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