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5 Things To Consider When Starting A Craft Business From Home

Getting away from the daily 9 to 5 and doing a much-loved hobby every day is something that many can only dream of.

Turning your passion into a money maker is not only rewarding but is an amazing achievement. Here are some things to consider when starting a craft business from home.

Work Space

Whilst it is likely that you will already have most of the tools and products you require, it may be that you need to make some adjustments to your home.

Adding an extension or converting a loft, for example, can provide you with a dedicated workspace. If you are considering this or perhaps want to release some equity to fund your business, you may need to remortgage.

Speak to a mortgage broker like Habito who can advise you on the products available.


You must advise your insurance company if you are working from home. It may affect any future claims if you don’t advise them. If you intend doing craft fairs or selling at public events you will need public liability insurance.

Health and Safety

If making edible products like cakes or pet treats there are several guidelines you must follow in terms of safety and hygiene.

Ingredients must be clearly labeled and your cooking areas must be inspected. Speak to your local council who can provide you with the necessary information for your area.

Marketing & Sales

Building a large social media presence is a great way to get sales and let people know what you are doing. Make sure your photography does your product justice before posting images online.

Research the hashtags which are likely to bring the most activity and make some of your posts interactive.

Etsy is a very popular platform for selling crafts although due to their new policies relating to international sales as well as their fee structure changes, many are now turning to the likes of eBay. There are also many Facebook craft groups where selling is permitted.

In terms of how you package your items, gone are the days of customers looking for mounds of tissue paper with cute boxes, ribbons and lots of glitter.

Recent surveys have shown that customers nowadays are more likely to buy from an environmentally conscious seller. Second-hand packaging is considered positive.

For items that do require new packaging, there are many biodegradable and recyclable options available.


There are a host of business crafters these days and thus you may be up against lots of competition both online and locally.

Try and establish your competitors’ sales rates as well as finding out what directly comparative products are being sold for. There are online groups where crafters will freely discuss their businesses and give advice and insights.

It’s essential when working out your margins and final selling costs that your time is taken into consideration as well as your direct costs. You are in this to make money so it is important to remember not to undervalue your experience or your work.

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