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Case Study: How SEO (If Done Wrong) Can Ruin Your Blog

There are many misconceptions that come with the infamous term ‘seo’. Many people believe that SEO is only about keywords and links, while they may be important, they are not the only things you need to be focusing on. The danger with outsourcing your SEO is the fact that the person you outsource too could utterly ruin your site.

Just ask Andrew… This graph above shows how his sites traffic dropped by 80%.  The SEO firm over- optimized links and had spammy backlinks to the site.

Outsourcing SEO is a Two-edged Sword

When you deal with a subject as serious as outsourcing SEO, you can never be too careful. When most business owners here ‘outsource’ and ‘seo’ in the same sentence they get a little uneasy, and rightfully so, there are many SEO firms that over-promise and under-deliver. The problem with these SEO firms is that they promise great optimization and leave you with a few optimized pages and spammy backlinks pointed to them.

The problem is that bad SEO firms give you a bad image on any other SEO firm you hear about. When you outsource to a great SEO firm your traffic increase could be substantial. Check out these people who outsourced SEO and it increased their traffic!

How SEO increased my website traffic by 126%

I had a 108% increase traffic in just a year

So how do I make sure I don’t hire a bad SEO firm?SEO

When hiring an SEO firm there are many questions you need to ask… I grabbed 5 ‘starter’ questions that can help you understand the SEO firm a little better.

Can you guarantee me #1 rankings on any of the search engines? (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

If he says yes, you need to hang up the phone or walk straight out of the room. No one can guarantee #1 rankings, and if an SEO firm claims they can then that is a big red flag.

Do you have a portfolio of past clients you have worked with?

When hiring an SEO firm it is important to see their past and current clients… This shows some reputability with the firm, and the firm can also indicate whether the previous customers had an increase or a decrease in traffic.

How will we communicate about any problems/questions I have with my site?

Communication is key in the business world. You and your SEO firm need to communicate about changes that will be made to the site, and how it affected the site after the changes were made.

How much will your services cost?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the question may not just be about a dollar amount… Do you know if they offer their services by project or by retainer? These are good questions to ask the firm.

Do you obey Googles guidelines?

If they do not obey googles guidelines then you want to steer clear… It may give you quick results but in the long run it will hurt your business.