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How Content Marketing Can Increase Your Traffic by 272%

When many people hear the term ‘Content Marketing’ the first thing that comes to mind is the presupposition “If I create great content people will share it”…. While this may be true there is two sides to Content Marketing…

  1. Content– The first and seemingly more important part to content marketing is creating content, and not just any content, but content that will relate to people and evoke emotion that will make them want to share it. There are many free tools that you can use to help you create content… Here is a blog dedicated entirely to creating content.
  2. Marketing– The other side of the spectrum is marketing the content you create. Once you create that killer piece of content you have to promote that content like crazy. This is where many people fail, the underlying problem of every piece of content is not the content itself, but the lack of promotion linking to that piece of content. Content is amazing, don’t misunderstand the point I am trying to make… If your content is not good it is not going to get shares no matter how much you promote it. This is where you have to find the good balance of making great content and marketing that content to the correct audience.

“So how do I promote my content without it consuming a lot of my time?”

Note: There are additional softwares that can help promote content. BuzzBundle is just the one that we at ContentHOW use.. You can find more softwares here.

The answer and secret weapon that we use at ContentHOW is BuzzBundle

BuzzBundle is one of the greatest outreach tools you can use. It allows you to look at multiple social media platforms from one single interface, this single software can totally change how you market your content. When using BuzzBundle you can set up “streams”, and what streams do is it allows you to see what people are posting about on the different platforms whether it be from a Q&A site, forum, blog, and/or twitter.

Once you get the streams set up you can customize the settings for it to pull up whatever keywords you want. Assuming that you want to find anything talking about content marketing, you put in keywords oriented around content marketing.

When coupled with BuzzBundle, Content Marketing can be a very powerful tool that can bring traffic (multitudes of it) to your site.

Just ask Indre how she generated almost 600k page views with buzzbundle….

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