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How to Get Your Small Business Website Noticed

Whether it’s a personal website you maintain as a hobby, or part of a professional business organization, all webmasters want the same thing: for their site to be noticed and to resonate with its audience. The processes and options involved used to be very limited, but have changed considerably over the years. Website owners now have more power than ever before when it comes to advertising their site to the right market. Of course, not everyone has a budget big enough to run a full advertising campaign, and for these people there are a number of other, thankfully much cheaper, options that can help your website to get noticed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an approach to web design and marketing that involves following a code of best practice to improve the ranking of your website.  SEO involves not only modifying your site so that it loads quickly and is received well by visitors, but it also involves building a brand authority away from your website.  The more links from high authority sources you have pointing to your website, the more likely it is that your website will be seen as an authority source by Google, and as such will be ranked higher.

Effective search engine optimization isn’t easy, however, and often requires the services of an SEO expert. An SEO expert will be able to navigate you through the differences between white-hat and black-hat methods; the latter of which are frowned upon by many in the industry as they generally involve dishonest or manipulative practices that can get your site penalized.

Advertising Space

Advertising your own site elsewhere is of course an easy way to get your brand and logo out there, however it can be an expensive endeavor. Some of this cost can be mitigated by selling advertising space on your own website. Obviously the more popular your site, the more money you will be able to charge for use of its space. Advertising is also agood way to open communication channels with other sites in order to build your businesses in a mutually beneficial way.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a really fantastic way to gain some relatively cheap advertising, the likes of which sometimes exceeds the value of some of the biggest advertising campaigns run by some of the biggest marketing firms in the world. The nature of viral marketing, that it is often cheap to produce and in many cases designed to look as unprofessional as possible, means that viral marketing campaigns often appeal to much broader demographics than traditional marketing campaigns and are uniquely well suited to the world of online marketing.

Once you first publish your website you will quickly realize that you are a tiny fish in a very big and ever growing ocean, however making yourself stand out from the crowd is possible if you know what you’re doing and getting your website noticed is the first step to building both your own and your brand’s reputation.

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