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How to Recognize Behavioral Patterns that Top-Notch Employees Possess

Your company is as good as your workers. Hire the right people with a rock-solid work ethic and skill set, and you will be putting your company in the best position to thrive.


Hire the wrong people, and you could be setting your business up for high employee turnover. (The cost of which is often 21 percent of the employee’s annual pay.)


But how can bosses and CEOs pinpoint the employees to keep for the long haul and which they would be better off letting go?


Here is what to look for when searching for healthy behavioral patterns that top-notch employees possess.


  1. They are positive, friendly, and courteous. 

Negative attitudes, such as pessimism and perpetual cynicism do affect the workplace. The impact of a putdown or a thoughtless comment can influence others’ work performance and can hinder team cohesiveness.


Sure, a bright smile could be hiding inner turmoil. But an individual who strives to stay positive and courteous is one who understands that his or her attitude affects others. Top notch employees know they are not a one-man operation. They do what is needed to keep the work environment one that is pleasant for all. Positiveness in the workplace has been linked to decreased stress and increased productivity. As well as improvement in morale and a greater aptitude for creative thinking.


  1. They show up on time.


Whether for your first meet and greet, interview, or when clocking in for work, top notch employees show up on time. They know that being on time is a means of showing respect to the business and the people they work for. This type of employee will also likely know how to meet deadlines. And the ability to meet deadlines requires organizational skills and keeping themselves on task until the job is done. If they think they will be late, they let the appropriate people know.


Conversely, if you have an employee or are interviewing an individual who does not respect time commitments, steer clear. The individual likely has trouble keeping to commitments in other areas as well.


  1. They pay attention to their physical appearance.  

Knowing how to dress appropriately shows a person who takes the time to care for themselves. Like it or not, humans are judgmental creatures. When an employee dresses well and invests time in his or her appearance, it gains the respect of those who he or she works with. Not to mention the effect personal appearance has on potential customers or clients.


An individual need not be highly fashionable to pay attention to his or her appearance. Rather, what you are looking for is their willingness to pay attention to the details. Which shows an attitude of responsibility that they will likely be able to apply to all tasks given to them.


  1. They are good communicators.


Top notch employees have the ability to listen and comprehend complex issues. They remain professional when talking with co-workers, upper management, and clients. They are able to clearly communicate their thoughts in a way that is easily digestible to others.


They understand how the ability to communicate in a concise and clear manner saves time and prevents confusion. They know how to stop and ask for help in a non-abrasive manner. They convey openness to others, which increases collaboration at work and respect among co-workers.


  1. They take responsibility for their work. 

Top-notch employees do not need to be inspired or motivated to do the work you are paying them to do. They know how to motivate themselves and are self-starters when it comes to problem-solving and taking action.


They know what they are responsible for and they do the necessary work to research and stay ahead of the curve. Most new hires experience a learning curve, during which he or she will likely need more guidance. But once they understand the vision and objectives of their work, they take the ball and run with it.


Hiring individuals who require motivation in order for them to produce good work simply creates more work for the boss. Bypass that by finding employees with the track record of knowing how to take a job and bring forth the required results.


The best employees understand that their success at work is contingent on factors that go beyond basic aptitude at a given task. They are willing to go the extra mile to see success for themselves and the business they work for.

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