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How to Start a Business in Canada

Building your own business can be tough. Especially when you have no idea on how to start a business. Good thing Feedster created a step-by-step list to help you out!

1. Gather Information About Your Field

Let’s start with gathering important start-up information from Canada Business. It contains a lot of different information from reliable sources like the federal, provincial and territorial governments.

2. Create Your Business Plan

After gathering all the important start-up information that you need, your next step would be preparing your business plan.

Canada Business can give you information and resources about what you need for business planning like guides and tools to help you start a comprehensive business plan.

3. Register Your Business

The Canada Revenue Agency can help you with the registration requirements that you need. It also has guides and resources for business registration online. Plus, information and resources on the Business Number.

Services are available from provincial, territorial and federal governments.

4. Proper Hiring Process and Leading Your Staff

If your business needs employees then you should learn the hiring process and proper way to lead your staff. If you need important information, guides, the proper process of hiring, the right pay and benefits, etc. then Canada Business can definitely help you.

5. Apply for Benefits Available to You

One of the great things, when you’re a start-up business or a new entrepreneur in Canada, is you may be eligible to apply for grants and financing to support your business.

Self-employed people who applied for the Employment Insurance (EI) program through Service Canada will be able to have an opportunity with the EI special benefits. The four types of EI special benefits are maternity, parental, sickness, and compassionate care benefits.

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