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8 Steps to Get Amazing Content Marketing Results Today

I understand that it is really old to hear the saying, write insanely useful content, and then there will be a link to some blog post like:

This is going to be a quick few steps that will take you through how to successfully gain subscribers and begin to convert them into customers. This process has a few names around it (Take the time to google these if you are unfamiliar with them:

  • Content Marketing (Yeah…)
  • Marketing Automation (Software that often runs it)
  • Marketing Funnels (Google to see picture)
  • Invisible Selling Machine (Ryan Deiss – Great Book by this marketer)
  • Lead Magnets
  • Engagement & Nurturing Programs
  • Marketo (a company, a thing, and awesome)

Step 1:

Obviously having some direction helps. I am going to make the assumption that you know what you want to sell. So let’s take for example Mercedes Benz to Corporate Executives. You may even have an area you want to target as well. If not the land of “the internet” will do.

Take what you have to sell and make it into an offer. In the case of the Mercedes Benz salesperson.

Here is how I craft my offers: I start at the top and work my way down.

3 Ways to Improve Your Closing Percentage, Your Love Life, & Your Self Esteem Today. (Headline for Landing Page)

Even if You Don’t Think You Need Any Improvement… (Sub-headline that generates curiosity)

I will normally at that point make 4-8 blog post depending on what I am selling.

Step 2:

I realize that step one may have you scratching your head a bit. I created the headline that will intrigue my targets to put their email in. That is what I needed to do. That is all I needed to do to begin with.

I will go find some research pieces to make my blog post out of. I can easily post these into any word press site and even make them landing pages.

Types of blog post:

  1. Round Up – I take the main topic and Google it. “What a car says about you” and I Google the similar sites and searches that come up with that phrase. I try to find between 5-20 that are not my competition or sell what I sell and I create a small write up about what the article was about and then insert read more… with a link to the article.

So the format literally looks like this:

Title ______________________________________________________

2 short paragraphs.________ ________________ _________________________ ___________ ________________ ____________________ __________________________ _____________ ________________ _____________

About what the articles are overviewing _______________ ________________ __________ __________

________________ ______________________ ___________________ __________ ________________ ____________________________________________ ____________ _____________ ________ _________

People Judge… They Size You Up In 30 Seconds

Here are the top 5 things others notice first: 

  1. People Notice Whatever the Article Tells MeYou insert either your own brief over view of the article here or you can even copy the important part of the article and paste it here. When you have the point made that you were looking for you can jump and make aRead more… (Insert a link to the article as a hyperlink on the Read more…)

    Easy right? You do that as many times as you can find articles that are really on topic and you have a great mash up / round up post.

  2. List Post – You can literally go through and find various articles that are on topic and just make a list out of them. These can have fewer pictures and literally just contain links with short sentences. Name it something like “Top 10 Reasons Women Dump Guys with Crappy Cars.”
  3. Great Content – If you have a heart and subject matter to write the post then by all means write away. Do an in depth review of the cars and every feature available on them. Just make sure you are in depth and cover the topic so that the reader will understand and trust you as an expert.
  4. Videos – Making great videos can often be easier than writing for most. Have an iPhone, then you have a great video camera right there.
  5. How To – Walk through the concept or one portion of it in a step by step manor. Make sure you create curiosity at the end though.

Step 3:

Last step is to take the overall theme and tie them all together into a Guide. You can often take the entire set of blog post and bundle them together to make the guide. If you need it though you can often search the subject and research or white paper on the end and find plenty of research to make yourself a great guide out of.

Step 4:

Make yourself an offer page with exactly what they will get written out to entice them to again fill out the form. Many times I place this as a short consultation form with a date on it. I want only super interested leads. Leads that can set a calendar time. Otherwise I want them to stay in my content campaigns.

Step 5:

Make yourself a landing page. This is your lead magnet page. This is the soft or free guide offer.

There are 500 articles written today about the best way to make a landing page. I seriously can say Google it and I feel safe you would understand more than I do when you come back to this article in two years.

I like to put a picture of a guide or series of emails in the landing page. I always tell them specifically what I will give them to solve what specific problem. I then make sure that there is some type of social proof on the page to show that they are not the only ones doing it. Also make a banner at the top telling them to “Gain Instant Access to These Great Benefits.” For some reason banners feel like another person telling you to do it…

Step 6:

Plot out your series of emails. (My summaries are below for the Mercedes Man)

  1. They subscribe:  You want to introduce yourself and get them to whitelist your site with their email provider. Deliver the guide and let them know how terrific the next few days of content are going to be.
  2. Did you read the guide yet?

Did you see the part about the

That part about the — is the truth…

I wanted to make sure you also saw the offer for me to walk you through the perfect style guide for your career. (Link to Landing Page)

  1. I am really surprised I haven’t heard from you yet. I wanted to make sure these emails were going through…  You must not have seen (Link to Landing Page)
  2. You are About to Miss Out… My offer for the 2015 Landing Page Link Edition is going to expire in less than 72 hours. I am surprised you have not Landing Page Link (scheduled Consultation) already…
  3. Are you still in business? I got worried today when I realized I hadn’t heard back from you. Did you get the “First Lead Magnet” I promised you? Are you still getting my emails? If so, get off the fence and “Landing Page Benefit” today.
  4. It’s over the Last Day – The last day for my 2015 “Landing Page Benefit” is coming up and I realized you had missed it. I wanted to make sure you realized how fast that date was approaching so make sure and go to “landing page” and fill it out right now while you are thinking about it.

There are a few things about the above emails. You get the overall feel of the message with what I put in there. You will want to have a good subject line, information from your blog post, a link to the blog post, a picture that’s in the blog post, and you will want them to look good in the email. (WYSIWYG need testing normally)

Step 7:

Test and test everything.

You will want to fill out the form and make sure you get every email and look at them on different machines etc. Google the term Simulator and there are plenty of site that can let you view it on various machines from your screen.

Then you will want to run some Google Ads or Facebook Ad Traffic at the offer. This will tell you the conversions and whether or not any of it works. This is super important as you don’t want to start running something you can’t turn off and find out your landing page doesn’t click through or something.

The worst is when no one likes it even though you see them on the page. That one always has me pondering. I know it’s my fault but man I want to blame them.

Step 8:

When you are done testing and you like everything about your program.

Time to aim some serious traffic at it. Find some email swaps or list brokers to call and email some great list around your offer. Find blogs and email the owner about an email out to his list.

Make sure the email comes from the list owner and make sure they “endorse you.”

Also ask for terms, extras like banners, and extra sends if the response is low. Google retargeting as this is a great way to drop some retargeting html in the email so your ads stalk everyone that even opens the email. Make sure the sender is ok with it.

This is a simple and effective method for having a nice “program” up and running for yourself in no time flat. You can do this over a long weekend and by the end of the next week be closing deals because of it. If you ever need help or have questions, feel free to drop us a line here on the blog or by calling the office.

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